Brotherhood Gaming League Update - Hearthstone


Brotherhood Gaming League Update - Hearthstone


Brotherhood Gaming League Update

Hearthstone: Season One; Round One

Our next BGL event is Hearthstone, and it’s such a good time to be doing it as it coincides with the Year of the Raven! The official launch date is April 12th. What does that mean for us? Well, to ensure that our members have ample time to score themselves some Witchwood cards, we will be employing Year of the Mammoth as Standard until two weeks after Witchwood launches. That means that all matches scheduled BEFORE server reset on April 26th will use Year of the Mammoth decks and all matches scheduled AFTER server reset must use Year of the Raven.

So! Don’t delete those current decks, cause you’ll still need them.

If there is any confusion about this. Send me a Telegram message or e-mail me and I’ll help clarify.

The sign-up form can be found here. Sign-ups will close on April 15th

Groups and Standings can be found here

Heroes of the Storm: Season One; Round One

We’re coming up to the end of our Knock-Out Phase! A huge congrats to all of our competitors thus far! These suckers should be wrapped up fairly shortly.

Overwatch: Season One; Round One

I am super excited to report that the schedule system is working! We will be using this going forward. We have a few more matches that will be completed over the next couple days and then we’ll be moving on to the knock-out stage!

PC standings can be found here.

PS4 standings can be found here.

I have the honour to be your obedient servant,

A (dot) Jinn

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