Brotherhood Gaming League Update - HotS


Brotherhood Gaming League Update - HotS

#Heroes of the Storm: Season One; Round One

And we are LIVE! We had nine sign-ups for this one, so we will be running this under the small participant rules. Everyone will play their division opponents once and the top three from each division will advance to the playoffs. Playoffs will occur inside the division with division winners receiving a first round bye.

All group stage playoffs will contested on Braxis Holdout. Tie breakers will be head-to-head. If there is a three way tie in which head-to-head would not solve the tie breaker, then total time in all losses will be used to tie break. In the unlikely event that there is still a tie, then lowest time in all wins will be used.

Divisions and Standings can be viewed here.

#Jedi Academy: Season One; Round One, Knock-Out Stage

We are in the midst of our Knock-Out Stage now for Jedi Academy! If you’re unsure of who your opponent is, you can go to the competition page here and check out the bracket.

All matches should be completed by February 28th. There will be a hiatus following this, and then (probably in April) sign-ups will commence for Round Two. Remember, after Round Three there will be an invitational Champions Tournament, based on your total points from the first three rounds!

#The Future

After the recent poll in DBGaming, we received a huge amount of responses in favour of Overwatch and Hearthstone. So keep your eyes open, because both will be headed your way in the next few months!

I have the honour to be your obedient servant,

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