Diablo 3 Elite Rush Competition


Diablo 3 Elite Rush Competition


Starting a few hours ago House Dinaari's Rush the Elites competition began for Diablo 3. This competition consists of killing the most elites in Diablo 3 over the course of one day! Check out the details for more, and get after it before this opportunity passes.

Is this all platforms? (PC/Console)

I would assume yes. But I defer to Omega, I posted on his behalf and at his request so that the whole club would be able to see this opportunity.

Got confirmation from Armags... As long as you can take a screenshot clearly showing the amount of kills you had when you start, and when you finish, all platforms for D3 will be accepted.

Awesome. Thanks for verifying.

We have to play with another DJB member to qualify for this? I ask as it's not made clear in the rules, and there is no PVE submission form on the gaming portal.

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