Diablo 3 on sale at Best Buy!


Diablo 3 on sale at Best Buy!

Don't own a copy of Diablo 3 yet? Still missing the Reaper of Souls Expansion for it? If the price tags to either of these have been holding you back today's your lucky Day.

Best Buy currently has both of these items on sale for only $20 each! Naturally we don't know how long this sale will last for, so if you're interested in these games head over to your nearest store or pick them up online while you can.

The DJB D3 Clan currently has around 3-6 members actively playing D3 together every evening, sometimes more. Hope to see some more folks in game or returning to the game soon.

Special thanks to Seraphol for pointing this sale out for us all!

Canada too at Futureshop and Best Buy!

The expansions are on for $25 each as well.

I assume these prices are PC versions only since ROS just recently released for console?

I just looked online and yes they are for the PC version, some of the console ones were on sale but not the expansion

For the UK gamers, you can find the cheapest Diablo III at GAME

Off Topic Question: Speaking of consoles, did the results from the Destiny poll ever get published? I may be Destiny curious and I need to know whether my 360 or PS3 is getting dusted off.

I'll be including Destiny Poll Results in my report coming either Saturday or Sunday. The next gen consoles were significantly more popular than PS3 or Xbox360 though.

This is awesome! In the mail today I got my Xbox 360 and Diablo 3 for it among others. Anyone interested in that or PS4 stuff send me an email or my names for both consoles is Ernordeth

Aabs hopes he'll own a PS4 by...January

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