Disney pulls Tiny Death Star and Star Wars Assault Team


Disney pulls Tiny Death Star and Star Wars Assault Team

IGN recently reported that the Disney Team has decided to pull Tiny Death Star and Star Wars Assault Team from the Apple Store and Google Play. Supposedly this is to allow their teams to focus on other higher priority projects, Star Wars Commander was mentioned.

Don't worry, you can still play the games if you have them on your phone. I wouldn't hold my breath on any new content coming to either though. Star Wars Commander on the other hand.... things are looking up for that.

A little shocked. Thanks for getting us the news so fast Val!

Meh, Clash of Clans makes an obscene amount of money for very little actual content. As Commander is a clone of that... I can see where the Mouse's eye landed :P

I didn't know about Tiny Death Star... disappointing. Those type of games are mindless, but at least entertaining.

I know at least in the case of Tiny Death Star, it hadn't been updated in like 6 months. I stopped playing it just cause there was nothing left to do there.

Assault Team was in a very similar place Xen, I hadn't seen much new in a while.

if you have windows 8.1, you can download assault team still on a computer, which i already did

Commander is cool. Hopefully this means they are also working on something a bit bigger than cloned mobile games (which all three of these are, essentially).

@Aabs, don't forget Star Wars: Tower Defense!

Oh, wait... :P

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