Do you want to play Battlefront Early?


Do you want to play Battlefront Early?


Do you think yourself lucky? Capable of beating all the odds stacked up against you? Well I would suggest that if you've been saving your lucky rabbit's foot for something special, it's probably time to use it. As we all know, Star Wars Battlefront has been previewed to great excitement, with the PS4 version showing off two awesome gameplay modes, as well as a PC Gameplay demo being added to EA's Facebook Page.

All of the news this far has been pointing to an amazing Star Wars gaming experience that we've all been waiting for, for a very long time.

And if you're a PC Gamer (PC Master Race represent!), you have a chance to get a sneak peak at it. EA has revealed to IGN today that they will be starting closed Alpha Testing. Now, as usual with any Closed Alpha this important, even if you do manage to earn a spot, I'm sure you'll be buried in Non-Disclosure Agreements powerful enough to steal you children from you, but regardless of that... You can apply to be included in the closed Alpha right now!

You'll need an Origin account to sign up, but most of us already have one of those from pre-ordering it anyways, don't we? Good luck folks, and may the Force be with us!

[Apply Here]

Just The Seal

Wow, I was denied before I even started. QQ

Will have to submit to this later. Maybe my laptop will be able to handle it. Either way, I shall continue my watch for the PS4 Open Beta...

Wow, yeah. Immediate rejection.

Nothing for us Console fanboys, eh? I'm sure in due time we'll have exclusive gadgets!

I will have to give it a shot when I get home

Console fanboys get what they deserve :P

Though in all seriousness, this looks like origin accounts were prequalified, so it's not so much an application as much as a check to see if you're lucky enough... sadly, I am not.

From what I have read, it sounds like those qualified will receive a specific invitation before even clicking on the link.

I had an origin account and I wasn't qualified. So that logic be false. :P

Yea, they should've just sent emails with a link in them as oppose to putting that link on a public page. Deceiving.

no joy on the application :/

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