Fist Supplemental 12.1: Destiny 2 and Overwatch Updates


Two quick items to update you on:

  • Destiny Adjustments and Nightfall Strike Clarification

  • Overwatch Adjustments and New Modes


Destiny 2 Adjustments

We’re through the first weekend of Destiny 2, and our console players have been showing exactly why we wanted launch day support by turning in loads of screenshots for gaming clusters! If you had any reservations about picking it up because of a bad experience during Vanilla Destiny 1, throw them out the window. The story is engaging, there is a ton of initial content, and if the manner in which they adjusted activities during Year 3 of D1 is any indication, it will only get better from here.

While reviewing screenshots from the opening weekend, I realized pretty quickly that the time per cluster ratio was pretty spot on for Crucible matches, but was a little too high for Strikes. As such, I’m adjusting strikes down to 4 CEs per Strike completion. All modifiers remain in effect.

Additionally, the Nightfalls are proving extremely challenging. Because the events are timed and will end no matter where you are in the event, requiring you to start over from scratch, I feel it prudent to stick to the concept of effort as the key driver for gaming clusters. All nightfall submissions (successful or unsuccesful) are eligible for submission. There is a catch: You MUST submit a screenshot that shows the timer that you are being returned to orbit. A screenshot from orbit will not count. This shot proves that you ran out of time while attempting your run, rather than quit before it was over.

Any Nightfall screenshot that does not show the timer will be rejected.

As a reminder, you are no longer required to use the site site for your submissions. I am comfortable with screenshots from your PS4 or XBox One.

Now, get back out there, Guardians!


Overwatch Adjustments

Overwatch is still one of the more popular games in the club. After discussions with some of the more regular OW players, i realized that the CF rewards for matches is a little low. I have adjusted the OW CF base rate to 2.0 instead of 1.0. This should make the modifiers for competitive a little better and make playing that way more worth your time.

Additionally, I recently ran a poll asking if anyone would be interested in adding the Team Deathmatch or Vs. AI modes to the game. The response was enough to convince me to do so without a formal test.

Effective immediately, the following modes are now live for Overwatch.

PvO Addition: Team Deathmatch: 2 CFs per match.

PvE Addition: Vs. bots Mode: 1 CE per match. 30 CE per day Cap


That’s all for tonight. Keep on gaming!



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Posted on Sep 11, 2017 at 12:20 AM
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Oooh, buffs! <3

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Thanks for the update Drac!

Posted on Sep 12, 2017 at 1:36 AM

Great update!

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woop woop! Runs to PC