Fist Supplemental #16.4: Brotherhood Gaming League Update


Fist Supplemental #16.4: Brotherhood Gaming League Update

Good Evening, DJB-

Wanted to give you all quick note on the Brotherhood Gaming League Competitions, specifically on extensions.


From the round 1 competition details:

Sign-ups will be locked on January 10th and the first round will commence on January 14th. Competitors will have two weeks to complete all of their Group Stage match-ups. The Knock-Out Stage will commence on February 4th. Competitors will have four days to complete their matches in each round.


Today was the last day for Group Stage. We still have members that have not completed their matches. This has the potential to delay the start of the knockout stage.

Because this is the first time we have tried this setup, I have given Alaris the all-clear to allow a three day extension for Group Stage matches.

If matches are not finished by then, the members that have not played will be automatically eliminated, and if no matches were played they will receive no participation credit for the event.

Moving forward, I will not approve extensions except in extreme circumstances. This goes for all subsequent BGL events as well.


Thank you for taking part in the Inaugural Brotherhood Gaming League competition. This is the most unique event I think we have put on since I became Fist, and I hope you all are enjoying it.

Thanks, and keep on Gaming.



Thanks for all the work you guys have done on this event. Drac and Alaris are great!

This has been an interesting experience. Glad to see we are trying different things. ^^

Sounds fair! Good luck to all the participants!

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