Fist Supplemental 17.1: BGL Update


Fist Supplemental 17.1: BGL Update

BGL Update

All- keep reading for an update from Alaris on the current status of the BGL.

Quick note: it is your responsibility to coordinate your matches. Waiting until the last minute causes unnecessary stress for everyone involved.


Heroes of the Storm: Season One; Round One

I was hoping to have this all wrapped up by the end of the day on the 4th, but a few people are having geographical issues. As such, I will be extending this until March 11th and NO LONGER. If you have not completed your matches by then, I will be awarding 3 points to a win and 1 point to a loss and making playoff seeding based on that.

Divisions and Standings can be viewed here.

Jedi Academy: Season One; Round One, Knock-Out Stage

We have reached the end of the Knock-Out Stage and the finals are set! Blade vs. Jurdan for Round One Glory! Congratulations to the both of them!

Overwatch: Season One; Round One

Sign-ups are now OPEN! You can choose if you want to participate in PC, PS4, or both! I will also be testing set schedules during this round. Each match-up you face will have a scheduled time by which your match must be completed, otherwise both players will be given a loss (some exceptions will be made for those who demonstrate a concerted effort to reach their opponent).

I will also be testing geographical divisions, in which you will be matched up in your division against people from the same geographical region as you. Thus avoiding situations where people are twelve hours apart and attempting to get their matches in.

Sign-ups for this can be found here.

PC standings can be found here.

PS4 standings can be found here.

The Future

I appreciate all of your patience as we run these events for the Brotherhood. I’m learning as I go here as well; what works and what doesn’t. The biggest issue I’ve run into is making sure that people are getting their matches done on time, so I’m making the biggest effort to make sure that we can organize that a little better and set ourselves up for success in the future. Thank you all for your dedication to making gaming thrive in this club. I’m super excited for the future!

I have the honour to be your obedient servant,

A (dot) Jinn

BGLs have been fun thus far, outside of timing. Some of us (yes, myself included) just need to put a bit more effort into getting our matches out earlier instead of later, and knowing whether we will be able to compete or not based on our schedules. I think these can go far! Great job Alaris!

I like the BGL games. When will we be able to bet credits?

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