Fist Supplemental #17.2: BGL Update (HotS and OW)


Fist Supplemental #17.2: BGL Update (HotS and OW)

BGL Update

All- keep reading for an update from Alaris on the current status of the BGL.


Brotherhood Gaming League Update

Heroes of the Storm: Season One; Round One

We are off to the Knock-Out Phase! Congratulations to all of our competitors. There are some small changes for the Knock-Out Phase. Firstly, Varian is no longer considered a Warrior. He is now considered a Melee Assassin. Secondly, the map you will use for the entirety of the Knock-Out Phase is the Cursed Hollow. You can find the bracket here

May the Curse be with you!

Overwatch: Season One; Round One

Sign-ups have closed and we are setting off into the Group Stage. As promised, I have created a schedule for both the PC and PS4 competitions. You can find them here. Matches can be completed at any time before that date. If a match is not completed by server reset on the day listed it will be put in as a loss for both participants. I will allow ONE extension per competitor of 24 hours. If you can prove a concerted effort to get ahold of your opponent, you will not be saddled with the loss. PC standings can be found here. PS4 standings can be found here.

Jedi Academy: Season One; Round One, Knock-Out Stage

Everybody give a big congratulations to Blade! Our first BGL Round Winner. Blade has a guaranteed entry into the Champions Tournament! Stay tuned for the Second Round of Jedi Academy!

I have the honour to be your obedient servant, A (dot) Jinn


As a reminder, it is YOUR responsibility to set up your matches. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Good luck to all, and thanks for taking part in this event!



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