Fist Supplemental #18.2: BGL Update


Fist Supplemental #18.2: BGL Update

Round One; Conclusion

Greetings E-Sports fans!

Your BGL Commish here with some more information coming down the pipe for you!

Our first round has come to a close and we’re starting a fresh rotation! First on the docket? We’re back to Jedi Academy. Things will be a little different this round. You will only have to play everyone from your Group once. This will make ties a little easier to break and will be less daunting a task for you.

Our Round 1 Winner was Blade, who received an automatic berth into the Champions Tournament. She will be able to participate in Round 2, but since there is an automatic berth available in every round, whoever finishes highest (who isn’t Blade) will win that sucker. You can sign up for that here!

Champions Tournament

I’ve talked about this a few times, but let me go into a bit of detail about how this will work. The Champions Tournament will be seeded based on your performances in Rounds 1-3. The winner of those events will not only the Crescents involved, but Drac and I are exploring some more awesome awards for the winners of these events. I’m not gonna give anything away just yet, but know that you still have a few chances to enter, get involved, and try to earn your berth in the Champions Tournaments!

Hearthstone: Season One; Round One

Our seeding for the playoffs of the Innkeeper Division has been set and we’re just waiting on one more match (which I’ve granted an extension to for logistical reasons) from the Raven Division, and then we’ll be moving on to the Knock-Out Stage! A huge thank you for everyone participating again. A brief overview of how this will work. Each participant will be required to make three Standard decks that they will have to use. All matches will be best two out of three and each one of those games will require a different deck.

Keep Your Eyes Open

There are a few more cool goodies coming your way in the near future, too. Keep your eyes on this here News Page to see some of the awesome things the BGL has coming your way!

I have the honour to be your obedient servant,

A (dot) Jinn

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