Fist Supplemental #22.1


Fist Supplemental #22.1


Message from the Fist

Aloha DB Gamers! A few quick updates.

Here’s the TL;DR.

  1. Warframe Support
  2. Future Gaming Tests
  3. Rites of Combat Update (Clarification)
  4. Destiny 2 Raid Club First


Warframe Support

Great job on coming out for the support test for Warframe. Based off the screenshots submitted, discussions with everyone in DB Gaming, and the work done by my staff, I have added Warframe to our library of supported games.

For now, only the PvE mode is supported. There are two game modes you can submit for:

  1. Misc. Mission Matches encompasses all PvE activities. Tests show an average time of approximately 4-6 minutes per mission if you focus solely on the mission objectives. This equates to 1 CE per match.

  2. Defense Missions are separate due to the fact that screenshots actually show the number of waves you have completed. Base value (five waves complete) is 1 CE per match. Modifiers are available that provide increased cluster values for every five waves you complete, and cap out at 20 waves.

Pay attention when submitting. You will not be able to mix Defense and Misc. Missions together, so make sure you select the correct modifiers so that you get credit for what you played.

Warframe is capped at 30 CEs per day.

Pendants of Blood are being considered for Mastery ranks, and will likely be added in the coming months.

I decided to not support the PvO Conclave mode for now. This is simply based on how gearing works in these matches. Most PvO games scale everyone in a match to the same level, so no matter what gear you are wearing you have at least a level playing field. Warframe does not do this. More testing is needed before I am comfortable adding this mode. I will update you all if/when that changes.


Future Gaming Tests

Most of you saw the Grand Master’s note in DB Gaming in reference to opening up MMORPGs for testing (specifically World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online). I am committed to following up on his promise that we will poll for interest and eventually test those games. That said, I do not like the way we run tests. It is extremely tedious for you and my staff using the zip file/counting screenshots method. We have to check hundreds of screenshots to ensure they show two DB members. It takes a long time and it is simply not an efficient method when we have the submission system that James designed.

Prior to the next gaming test, James is working on a “Gaming Test” option that utilizes the existing gaming portal, but provides NO clusters of earth/fire for a submission. This will allow you to submit normally, allow my staff to process shots as they come in rather than all at once, and show what actual activity for a game will look like over the course of a test.

Once the system is up and running, I will poll for one of the two games listed above. Keep your eyes open.


Rites of Combat Update: Removal of Confusing Language

Based off feedback from your Consuls and the Justicar, I have removed the following line from the Rites of Combat:

”In the event that a member on an opposing Clan/Team does not own a game, the group will play a game that is available to all members that wish to be part of the submission.”

I have updated the Joint/Clan addition from my 22nd report to read as follows:

“In a joint or vs. event between two (or more) clans, all gaming submissions must contain at least one player from an opposing team.”

I think this wording removes any confusion that existed with the prior revision, and gets to the point of what I wanted to do. As always, feedback is welcome. Comment below or send an email or PM.


Destiny 2 Raid Club First

With a new expansion comes a new raid. “Last Wish” is Destiny 2’s newest raid, and goes live on 14 September. Just like with the Leviathan Raid, this will be a competition. Raids completed prior to the start of the competition will not count.

Club First rules:

  1. Raid team must consist of six DJB members. All six members must complete the raid together. You may not sub people in and out. A form will be established for you to sign your team up.
  2. The first team to complete the raid will receive a pendant of blood for each member. Platform does not matter. If a DJB team on PC completes the raid first, they win. There will not be PoBs issued for club firsts on each platform.
  3. Raid must be started and completed after the test begins. Any raid that begins (or ends) prior to the start of the test will be disqualified.

Competition link is here

Good luck, guardians.


Platform Removal

In preparation for the shift to a PvP based model, I have decided to remove Diablo 3 Brawling from our supported games category. D3 Brawling is one of the most broken and out of balance activities we currently support. It was fine for some casual PvP, but with gearing and paragon levels playing such a huge role, I see no way to level the playing field for that activity.


That’s it for now. Expect additional supplementals this month on the change to a PvP model for the GMRG Leaderboard. We will be refining rules for our PvP Platforms in preparation for the switch.

-Dracpool, out.


Nice report Drac! Pleased that Warframe gained support :)

YESSSSSS I CAN'T WAIT. And good call on the Conclave, I didn't know that.

Good stuff. New platform and greater balance. Woohoo!

Good riddance Brawling. Good luck to D2 raiders!

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