Fist Supplemental #23.1


Fist Supplemental #23.1


Message from the Fist

Two Items for this supplemental:

  1. Warframe Kill Requirement
  2. Rite of Supremacy Bracket Signups


Warframe Kill Requirement

I’m starting to see screenshots where not all members are registering a kill when playing Warframe. In order for us to validate that you actually played and didn’t stand around while your seriously OP friend kills everything, I have to see a registered kill on a screenshot. I get it, there are level disparities that exist when you team up. But I also have to have zero doubt that you played.

The precedence for this comes from a CoJ case a few years back involving Diablo 3 where people were sitting in town while stronger players cleared rifts, and then submitted all members on the team for clusters.

So. You have to show me some proof you played. That’s what the screenshots are for.

In the interest of transparency, I am also looking at the disparity between frame levels. I’ve seen some submissions where one member clearly is overpowered and does about 99.99% of all the work. I’ll allow it for now, but you should all know I am looking at potentially balancing it.

Hopefully that clears up any concern/confusion.


Rite of Supremacy

There will be three event long bracket competitions in the Rite of Supremacy. Based off data for the most played games, I have selected the following games for brackets:

  1. Jedi Academy
  2. Heroes of the Storm

These are both 1v1 match ups. The brackets will be seeded randomly from the pool of those who sign up.

I stated this in my main report, but I’ll say it again for clarity:


Once the competition goes live, that’s it. I’m locking the signup sheets and no new members will be able to take part in the brackets. This ensures that I can properly seed them and that they will all be complete by the end of the 5th week of the RoS.

Just like the GJW, the event long gaming competitions are binned, so participation in one nets you full participation for the bin. So if you don’t have a game or don’t like one of the games selected, you won’t be penalized for not playing in all brackets.

You may sign up for each competition at the links below.

Jedi Academy Bracket Signup

Heroes of the Storm Signup


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below or send me a PM. It may take me some time, but I will respond.

-Dracpool, out.


WTB different games. 😜

well, looks like I won't get any points or matches done. I no longer have Jedi Academy, Heroes is too difficult for me to understand, and overwatch I heard is a pay to play game.


Overwatch is a one time purchase. I believe it is on sale through humble bundle this month.

Jedi Academy is $2.50 on steam, or it was recently.

HotS is free as can be, and is still a solid option if you are only shooting for participation credit. Remember, participation in ONE event long gaming event nets you full participation credit for that bin.

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