Fist Supplemental #23.2: The One Before The Rite


Fist Supplemental #23.2: The One Before The Rite


Message from the Fist

Aloha DB Gamers! A couple quick notes ahead of the Rite of Supremacy.

Here’s the TL;DR.

  1. DB Gaming Rules will be strict again
  2. What to expect in terms of events
  3. Go refresh your profile on the bot!


DB Gaming Chat Rules during the Rite

Yes, I’m sure some of you are laughing. The rules for DB Gaming are already pretty strict. I still allow some banter (as long as it is relevant to Gaming) when an event is not going on. That will change during the RoS.

Over the course of the RoS, people will be actively queuing and trying to find people to play games with. Because of this, the traffic in DB Gaming needs to be limited to ensure that everyone can see when members are queuing, what they are queuing for, and when they are leaving. Discussions about graphics cards, how awesome the Assassin’s Creed story is, whether or not NASCAR is cool, or any unnecessary banter needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. If it gets out of hand, I will ask people to stop.

If you have issues during the Rite of Supremacy, send me an email. Do not send me a PM. Do not tag me in Telegram. Type a quick email with your issue and send it. There will be way too much going on in the DB Gaming room for me to sort through to answer questions. If you send me a PM or tag me, I will not respond.


About the Events

Just like the GJW, I have done my best to ensure that there is something for everyone in terms of gaming events. I won’t tell you what they are specifically, but I will say that there is a mix of normal supported games (free and paid), flash games (that absolutely work because they aren't real flash games), and mobile games.

While I know not everyone will be able to participate in every single competition due to platforms or game ownership, everyone will have the chance to earn 100% participation in every single bin, to include the event long gaming bin. Additionally, I have added a third event to replace the cancelled Overwatch bracket that everyone in the club should be able to take part in.

Overwatch fans, fret not. There will be stuff for you.

A big reminder to those of you that want to take part in the JA and HotS brackets: THERE WILL BE NO LATE SIGNUPS ALLOWED FOR THE TWO BRACKET EVENTS!!!! Go to my last supplemental for links to the competitions. Subscribe to sign up! Once the competitions close, I will seed the brackets.

The Event Long and Week 1 events will populate soon.

Good luck to all!


Fist-o-Matic Check

Everyone that plans on competing in a PvP event must refresh their bot to ensure that they have the correct clan assignment.

Send a PM to Fister Roboto and type /refresh. That will update your name and your current clan. All PvP events will be set up so that you can’t play against other members of your clan. If you don’t do this and play against a clan member, I will reject that submission.

SO. Go do this right now. It will take about :30 seconds of your time.


This is my second major club event as Fist. I think we learned a great deal after the last GJW, and I hope you enjoy the gaming events (and all the other ones as well). There are a decent amount of Novae on the table for gaming. I’m pretty excited about that.

Good luck, have fun, and keep on gaming!

-Dracpool, out.


Looking forward to the third event, any chance we'll find out more before Saturday so as to determine if we need to remain in the other brackets or not? Some of us are going to be little more than cannon fodder for JA :P

It's a PvP Ladder. All supported PvP platforms.

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