Fist Supplemental #26.1


Fist Supplemental #26.1

Message from the Fist

Aloha, DB!

Quick update on new bot functions and M:Fist apps while I have internet signal. I’m hit or miss for the next couple days.


Bot Updates

  1. James has added a function to pin a queue message at the top of the page. It shows you all how many people are currently queued for PvP matches. This will help during GJWs and Vendettas when people are trying to find matches. Members will be unable to see WHO is in queue, only that someone is queued. This message is also where the most current newspost or announcements can be found.

  2. I have an admin view that shows me who is queued immediately after they join a queue. It also shows me when a member leaves queue.

  3. There is now a built-in timer on the bot. If you go 12 hours in queue without matching, the bot will automatically remove you from the queue(s) you are in. This is to help prevent queue lurking and failed matchups. This was a problem during GJWXII and RoS: Meridian.


Application period for M:Fist has closed. Selections will be announced soon in Juna’s Gaming update.

That’s it for now. Home in a few days!



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