Fist Supplemental 8.1: Destiny Raid Changes


Fist Supplemental 8.1: Destiny Raid Changes

Destiny Raid Changes

Good afternoon. It has come to my attention that an exploit exists within our current setup for Destiny’s raids that essentially allows people to play one full raid, earn a checkpoint for the final boss, switch to an alt, and save the checkpoint by entering the raid. This allows teams to play only one full raid and complete two additional boss fights and then submit screenshots for three complete raids. Whether intentional or not, doing this is an exploit in our system, and from this point forward it will no longer be an option.

When Destiny first came out, completing raids was somewhat of a chore. Putting together a team, beating each raid’s sub bosses, and finally killing the main boss took a lot of time and frustration for our members. Because of that, the FIST office established “in progress” options in the activity submission panel. This ensured that even if you didn’t complete a raid, you at least earned some clusters for your troubles. At this point, clearing raids is commonplace enough that it is the norm rather than the exception.

Therefore the following changes to Destiny are effective upon receipt of this post:

  • Members are limited to one (1) of each raid submission per gaming week (Friday through Thursday). That means members can earn full credit once per week for the Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, King’s Fall, and Wrath of the Machine.

  • Only full clears will count for Clusters of Earth. Partial clears are no longer acceptable.

  • Difficulty modifiers will remain in place. Hard Mode now is only acceptable if it is the 390 Light Level mode. Level 20 and Level 36 (VoG and Crota) and Light 310 (Kings Fall) are now considered normal mode.


I do not make changes like this arbitrarily. As stated before, whether intentional or not, this is an exploit. My team and I do our best to keep gaming fair across the board. This is one of those changes that we catch long after the fact. Whether or not this has been allowed in the past is not relevant. It will not be allowed moving forward.

Thank you for your understanding.



Does the raid limit follow the usual gaming nights week (like cluster rollovers)? Is this a new feature coded into the site or just a new rule your staff will follow during verifying if the activity should be approved?

As stated above, this will be in line with the normal gaming week. This will be manually tracked by the Fist staff.

Good change. Thumbs up.

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