Fist Update #2.2 - War Supplemental


Fist Update #2.2 - War Supplemental

Update from the Wrath

Good afternoon, Gamers!

I’m going to touch on a couple things in this update all related to the GJW.

  • New Deadlines
  • RoC Reminders


Bracket Deadlines

I wanted to give everyone a little more freedom for all matches after Round One, but there have been only a handful of matches played since Round One finished, so I’m going to impose Deadlines on the Second and Third rounds of both brackets.

  • Round of 32 - Matches must be started by 00:00 GMT, Tuesday, August 6th.
  • Round of 16 - Matches must be started by 00:00 GMT, Tuesday, August 13th.

Keep in mind that there will be two additional brackets made from:

  • Round of 16 - The 8 defeated players will be bracketed to play out for 9th and 10th.
  • Quarter-Finals - The 4 defeated players will be bracketed to play out for 5th-8th.

The deadlines will be posted to the announcement bot for daily reminders. Also, I’ll be sending an e-mail to all remaining participants to whom these deadlines affect.


RoC Reminder - @DJBFistBot

One of the great things about our current PvP system is that it has streamlined the entire process for both gamers and staff. Gone are the days of submitting every single PvP score to the site, we can do it on a bot that does all of our work for us.

I’ve had to issue quite a few warnings about a failure to confirm when you’re matched up. So this is just a quick reminder to turn on your notifications if you’re using a phone, and to leave the queue if you’re leaving access to Telegram. Every single case of failure to confirm has come down to one of two things: “Notifications turned off” and “I just went to the bathroom real quick.”

These are a part of the RoC and I am enforcing these rules, especially so during a Great Jedi War. Failure to confirm wastes other people’s time, and I have seen multiple cases of someone missing out of a match because someone failed to confirm and two people joined the queue and were matched up in the time before the confirmation failure, so it does affect other people.


Speaking of @DJBFistBot - Hidden Scores

You may also have noticed that the Bot no longer announces the final score of Hearthstone PvP matches. This now goes hand-in-hand with the hidden PvP leaderboard. I mentioned in a previous update that we would be using a hidden PvP leaderboard for the War, and this is now the default for all PvP Competitions. This can be toggled on and off, but the default will be to hide the PvP leaderboard. This goes the same for Cluster Races.


If you have any other questions about the Fist’s Office, GJW Gaming, or Gaming in general, don’t hesitate to fire me an e-mail: [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Good hunting,


ty for the clarifications.

Love the adherence to the rules. Very important to ensure fairness and a quality experience for members. Also, queue lurking and then failing to confirm is just lame.

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