Fist Update #2.3 - War Supplemental


Fist Update #2.3 - War Supplemental

Update from the Wrath

Good afternoon, Gamers!

In my last update, I touched on two consolation brackets being made for each tournament. The 9th and 10th place brackets are now made and have begun to be populated. Participants are seeded based on where they were originally seeded in the main bracket. There are still a few third round matches to be played and once they are completed the rest of the brackets will be populated.

Once the quarter-final matches have been played, the four defeated participants will be placed in a bracket to determine 5th-8th in the same manner as the 9th and 10th bracket.

  • JA 9th-10th Place Bracket Comp
  • JA 5th-8th Place Bracket Comp
  • HotS 9th-10th Place Bracket Comp
  • HotS 5th-8th Place Bracket Comp


Bracket Deadlines

I am now imposing deadlines for all remaining rounds.

  • Quarter-Finals - Matches must be started by 23:59 GMT, Thursday, August 15th.
  • Semi-Finals - Matches must be started by 23:59 GMT, Wednesday, August 21st.
  • Gold and Bronze Nova - Matches must be completed by the end of the War.


Live Stream of Heroes of the Storm Gold Nova match

I am still testing out the viability of this (ie. whether my laptop can handle hosting a stream). I did stream and cast a BGL HotS final on Twitch a little over a year ago, and live streamed my own Gold Nova match from GJW XII, and if both participants are okay with it, I will be doing the same thing again in GJWXIII with the Gold Nova on the line.


If you have any other questions about the Fist’s Office, GJW Gaming, or Gaming in general, don’t hesitate to fire me an e-mail: [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Good hunting,


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I addume that the streamed match would be on youtube later?

Either way, good stuff!

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