Fist Update #2.4 - Competition Update - Laser Overload


Fist Update #2.4 - Competition Update - Laser Overload

Update from the Wrath

Good afternoon, Gamers!

I have made an edit to the competition details and requirements for Laser Overload. Essentially, participants are now required to start at the first level, and cannot skip. It is possible to purchase the last level and complete it. Purchase away if you want to, but you are now required to submit proof that you have completed all levels prior to your highest level. This can be done by posting your screenshots into a .doc, in paint, etc, and submitting that.

Here is an example submission screen (featuring Turel).

I have made a note of those who have already submitted to the competition, and you will not be required to resubmit a screenshot.


If you have any other questions about the Fist’s Office, GJW Gaming, or Gaming in general, don’t hesitate to fire me an e-mail: [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Good hunting,


ok thx for the clarifying. since it is a phone game, people will have to save the screenshot to their computers inorder to post in a one pic or a zip file.

Hang anyone that already bought the advantage is allowed to keep it?

Is it even possible to beat/tie with such people as a later entry?

No, Andrelious, they can’t. Anyone who has submitted doesn’t have to resubmit, but I have already checked every submission, and nobody has done that. All submissions so far have been in accordance with the new rule, so it’s not affecting anything.

There are a few folks who advanced far enough that the first few levels aren’t in their screenshot. I’m not asking them for resubmissions.

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