Gamers: May the Fourth be with you sale summary!


Gamers: May the Fourth be with you sale summary!

Earlier today IGN posted a Summary page which they'll be keeping update with all of the ongoing May the Fourth sales that we know will be coming over the next week. Its a pretty comprehensive listing covering the PC and console platforms:

  • Steam
  • Good Old Games
  • PS4/PS3/PSP/Vita
  • Xbox One / Xbox 360

The list is already rather impressive, and so are the discount prices. I'd definitely suggest checking back to IGN's summary page between now and next Monday if there is any Star Wars Game out there you'd like to pick up at a bargain price!

It's a shame you're forced to pick up so many version of TIE in a bundle. Is there a way to just pay a couple of quid for TIECD (and XWCD)?

I have the discs they are the origins though that need latches to work

might be nice to pick up on the titles I am missing :)

Got an email from sony their sale is ok and they are doing a pretty sweet giveaway. However to enter it you need a twitter and have to retweet their stuff

If your a mobile gamer kotor is 2.99 for the sale as well...which is an awesome deal!!!

Wooo Lego Star Wars on Steam is finally on sale!

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