Gaming Gazette #1


Gaming Gazette #1


The More You Know


Our new, epic FIST Drac and I have created a schedule for releasing gaming news to the Brotherhood. He will release a FIST report at the start of each month and in the middle of each month I’ll be posting news about games, announcements, and important information. This month I want to highlight that Star Wars Battlefront's first three DLCs will be free to play during the weekend of November 18 through November 20.


Playstation VR


Virtual Reality has arrived. Technology has advanced enough to bring VR to your household, but is in it’s infancy. The Playstation VR just released one week ago. So far it has been received very well. Reviews have been giving it between 8 and 10 out of 10. More expensive devices can provide a better experience, but the Playstation VR is more cost effective at it’s $399 USD price tag. Star Wars Battlefront has a free X-Wing VR mission releasing free to Battlefront owners in an update. It will most likely arrive with Battlefront’s final DLC in December. Other notable releases for PSVR is Batman Arkham VR, EVE Valkyrie, Until Dawn Rush of Blood, Thumper, and more.


Red Dead Redemption 2


Red Dead Redemption took the gaming community by storm in 2010. It has received critical acclaim with the aggregator Metacritic giving it 95/100 points. The phenomenal game by Rockstar Games won several Game of the Year awards. An eagerly anticipated sequel has been announced to release in the Fall of 2017.


Battlefield 1


Battlefield 1 has had a lot of buzz in the gaming community. FPS gamers praise the game for stopping trying to be like Call of Duty and just being it’s own game. Reviews give the game 4 out of 5 stars. One highlight of the game is air combat which includes an additional Red Baron pack.


SWTOR: Knights of the Eternal Throne


The Old Republic recently finished it’s Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline. Personally I only played the first 9 chapters and watched the cutscenes for the rest of the chapters, but I found the story fun. While some are critical of the lack of multiplayer activities BioWare has doubled down on it’s strategy. Knights of the Eternal Throne was announced with a stellar trailer which can be watched by clicking the header. KOTET releases December 2nd.


Overwatch Halloween Event


Blizzard has released a fun holiday event for Halloween for Overwatch. It contains skins and other cosmetics themed for Halloween and a new Brawl mode. I’ve only heard good things about the new mode. While clusters cannot be earned for this mode a competition has been organized by Junazee! Go check it out!


Destiny - Wrath of the Machine (Heroic Mode)


Tuesday, October 18th, Bungie released the new Heroic/Hard mode for the newest raid, Wrath of the Machine. Along with several changes to drop rates and bug fixes light has been increased to a maximum of 400. Rise of Iron has increased traffic in the game with our members. The new Strikes and Raid were already added in Drac’s last report. Heroic is only a modifier so the new mode is already supported. For those looking to join the game it’s not too late. There is Destiny: The Collection available for both PS4 and Xbone. This provides Destiny and every expansion the game has had. It’s standard price is $59.99 USD, but is on sale on Amazon for $49.99 currently.


Batman Return to Arkham


If you’re a fan of Batman and play video games there is absolutely no way you haven’t heard of the Arkham series. Both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are Game of the Year award winners and fantastic games. They have been remastered for both PS4 and Xbone and bundled in a collection for $49.99. This is a great deal if you haven’t played them before or simply are craving to put on The Dark Knight’s cowl.


Nintendo Switch

Imgur <-

The Nintendo Switch, previously known as the NX, has been revealed. It is a combination of a console and portable device. No specs have been released, but it looks interesting. Hopefully they are decent and can legitimize Nintendo’s continuation of creating consoles. The Switch releases in March of 2017. So far, the following games have been officially confirmed for release on the Switch: * The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Untitled Mario Game

  • Splatoon Switch (Possible Wii U Update)

  • Mario Kart Switch (Possible MK8 Update)

  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

  • Just Dance 2017

  • Holiday 2017 Sonic Game

  • Dragon Quest X

  • Dragon Quest XI

  • NBA 2K Game

  • Steamworld Heist




Brotherhood Boasts and Bloopers

Do you play games? Of course you play games. You like fun. We all like fun. No matter what level your skill is in a game though you have your highs and your lows. Show us your epic achievements and fails! For a while we have been running a competition that lasts 2-3 weeks for the top play and funniest fail. It doesn’t have to be a supported game to be a valid submission. Don’t forget to submit to these and check out all the competitions available here .


Upcoming Releases


Below are a list of upcoming games and their release dates between now and the next update: * Titanfall 2 releases on 10/28 [PS4, Xbone, PC]

  • Skyrim Special Edition releases on 10/28 PS4, Xbone

  • Call of Duty Infinite Warfare releases on 11/4 [PS4, Xbone, PC]

  • Dishonored 2 releases on 11/11 [PS4, Xbone, PC]

  • Gran Turismo Sport releases on 11/15 [PS4]

  • Watch Dogs 2 releases on 11/15 [PS4, Xbone, PC]


Increased light level!? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!! I AM AN IRON LORD!!! Soon, not now of course, but soon...

Nice report there, P:FIST. Lots of stuff going on in the club, folks. Get to gaming!

What a stellar update from the Gaming staff! Love all the highlights of the new games being released. We need more of this in our lives! Great work!

Soooo maaaannnnyyyy piiiictuuuureesss.

Also don't forget CIV6!

Loving it. With the Switch announced, is there potential for it to be a preferred platform, like the PC and PS4, etc?

Sang, we'll have to wait and see. If it has the longevity/popularity of the current consoles, we will look into it. Player base in the club is also critical. I recommend supporting a platform if only a handful of people are playing on it.

We will keep an eye on it for sure!

I won't recommend. Stupid phone.

Don't forget Football Manager 2017, released on 4th November. Beta's already out.

Perhaps not many folk interested in it, but I know at least three other DBers who've played the old versions. :)

Love the update!

Great report Erno~

Nice post, Earnordeth!

Yeeeeee Nintendo Switch!

Awesome and informative report. Thanks E!

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