GJW Gaming Update: Event Deletion


GJW Gaming Update: Event Deletion


Good morning, DJB. Last night we made a quick adjustment of one of the GJW Phase 1 flash games due to an unforeseen issue with the game loading. The replacement game was tested by two people over a period of approximately 30 minutes and subsequently went live late last night. Unfortunately, that game has issues as well. In short, Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid has a cumulative score rather than a score on each individual level. So in short, you could amass an infinite score depending on how much time you have to dedicate to a game. That is not how I want the GJW gaming events to function. It’s not in the spirit of the competition, and it’s not something that can be controlled to ensure that gaming is as fair as possible across the board.


As such, the [GJW XII Phase 1] Gaming - Ghost Raid will be removed by the MAA. This competition will not count for participation or seals. The DGM will reshuffle the participation point scheme for phase 1 to prevent any issues with scoring.

I will work a new game for Phase 2 to replace the lost event.


I apologize to all who have already submitted, and to the rest of the DB for not fully vetting this competition before setting it as live. I wanted to keep the gap left by the broken Pod Racer game filled, and I went a bit too fast.

Thanks for your patience, and again, I hope you all enjoy the remaining gaming events for the GJW.


Thank you Drac for the heads up. Sorry the game didn't work out :(

Thanks for working to keep things consistent, even if it didn't work out how we would hope.

Thanks Drac for the heads up and for working hard in keeping things on track.

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