GJW Gaming Update: Jedi Academy 1v1 Tournament Round 2 and Extensions


GJW Gaming Update: Jedi Academy 1v1 Tournament Round 2 and Extensions

Jedi Academy 1v1 Tournament Update #1

Good Evening DJB!

We are almost complete with the first round of the Jedi Academy 1v1 Tournament!

As discussed on Telegram, I have allowed some extensions based off necessity from members who asked for them. I have also reviewed the email threads for members who tried desperately to contact their opponent. Those members who actively attempted to contact their opponents have been moved forward, and the members that failed to respond have forfeited their opportunity to compete and has been removed from the competition bracket. The members removed from the tournament in Round 1 will not receive competition credit, as they did not physically participate.

Moving forward, I will not approve any extensions. Any second round matchups that fail to complete their matches on time will be immediately disqualified, but will still earn participation credit.

The following matches must be completed by site reset tomorrow. I will not approve another extension:

  • Aul vs. Sang
  • Evelynn vs. Maximus
  • Raiju vs. Vosiri
  • Armad vs. Dox

I have removed four members from the tournament. Two by personal request, and two for either failing to respond to their opponent or for failing to live up to their end of the agreed upon match time.


The timer for Round 2 will not begin until site reset tomorrow. This round will run until Friday, 20 October. With that said, if your matchup is already set, you may start playing your matches.

A reminder: You are required to queue for the bot and send your email to me (cc your opponent, I only need one email per matchup) in order for your matches to count. You won’t have a competition to select, I handle the competition manually because that’s how the bracket events work. The bot queueing requirement is for two reasons:

It gives you clusters It provides site history for the event, which gives me proof matches occur after I delete old emails. The email requirement is simple: it is an acknowledgement by both parties that the results are true, and provides an immediate email chain if there is any discrepancy.


Thanks to all who participated in the first round! You’ve already earned seals for your efforts, and participation points on top of that! I wish all the combatants the best of luck in Round 2!

Play clean, play fair, and have fun!



Good luck on those matches, folks! Thanks, Drac!

Round 2...woot woot.

How can I join the matches?

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