[GJWXIII - Discord] HotS Bracket Comp


[GJWXIII - Discord] HotS Bracket Comp

Update from the Wrath

Good morning Gamers!

Firstly, there will be a chat blackout in the DJB Gaming Channel as of the start of the War. The only communication that will be allowed will be related strictly to match set-ups or updates from me. There will be no exceptions to this and everything else will be deleted.

As promised, I'm going to post the Bracket Competition Details for Heroes of the Storm. If you haven't signed up, you can do so here. The sign-ups close at server reset tomorrow. There will be no exceptions. At about 23:45 site time I'm going to create the bracket. I will recheck sign-ups for anyone new at 00:00. They will be put into one of the (inevitable) BYE slots determined by RNG from random.org.

Use the time and new information you have available to familiarize yourselves with the details and do some scrimming.


In this competition, you will be seeded randomly to do battle against other members of the Brotherhood in a Best-of-One Heroes of the Storm Bracket. All participants will be randomized using this site.

The Rites of Combat are in effect, with the exception of the “no announce” rule. Please only queue using the FistBot in the competition labelled “HotS Bracket Queue” when you are ready to do your match. Manual submission will not be accepted, with the exception of bot failure.

All matches will take place on the Cursed Hollow map.

The AI for all teams will be as follows:

  • Muradin - Tank
  • Ana - Healer
  • Kerrigan - Melee Assassin
  • Junkrat - Ranged Assassin
  • D.Va - Bruiser

Whatever Hero each player chooses must replace the AI Hero from the corresponding class (ie. Tracer replaces Junkrat, Imperius replaces D.Va). Support heroes are prohibited.

All Opening Round matches must be completed by the end of Week 1. If there are any additional imposed deadlines, they will be posted to the News Page and e-mailed to all relevant parties. If matches are not complete at the end of the deadlines, neither will move on (at the discretion of the Fist). All participants must complete their Opening Round matches on schedule in order to earn participation for the comp.

Only report outcomes on the FistBot. A screenshot submission or e-mail to the Fist is NOT required. Ensure your custom match is not hidden from your match history (toggle on the set-up page). In the case of any disputes win/loss, this will be the determination. Any in-game disputes will be settled by watching a replay with the Fist, who will make a determination.

This competition will count toward the GMRG Leaderboard.


Get in contact with your opponent as soon as you know who they are. I would rather not have to impose deadlines. E-mail them, DM them in Telegram, it doesn't matter, just some sort of record of contact. If you have any questions regarding clarity or clarification of these rules, ask them in the DJB Gaming Channel before the start of the War, because other people may have the same question and its easier to answer them all in the same place.

Thank you everyone and enjoy the war!

I have the honour to be your obedient servant,

A (dot) Jinn

so is this 5v5 pvp or what? how do we manually choose the map and remove the support chars? and what if we don't have the listed chars for the battles? some of us are still new to this

oh and fyi for others, update your djb page with your battlenet id so people can add everyone they play with friend requests so we can get into game and see when they are online. just thought I throw that in

Sounds good boss!

Let's see how long I last as a newb!

Hopefully will be lots of fun. Good luck, everybody!

Looking forward to losing spectacularly on this. XD

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