Grand Master's Gaming Tournament Semi-Finals!!


Grand Master's Gaming Tournament Semi-Finals!!

Hello the last of us,

Its coming to an end of the tournament with the next round about to begin, I would like to take the time to congratulate each of you on making it here. It's been a solid fought battle and to each of you I tip my hat. But now coming to the end the following pairings make this semi-finals.

  • Augur Morgan B. Sorenn vs Warrior Delak Krennel

  • Battlelord Ernordeth Puer-Irae vs Knight Blade Ta'var

Remember that only two will go onto the finals, the other two will be playing for third place, so give it your all. Matches must be completed by Friday as standard, and submitted to the competition to be counted.

Separate from this, just a quick update as we have had this happening a lot to people lately. If the bot is not working or is lagging for any reason please let myself or a staff member know straight away. This is so we can inform James about the bot but also to approve manually submitted matches. If you do not tell my staff about this prior to starting a match it will be declined. This is just a general reminder on this one. Thanks for the time.


Good luck to the finalists!

Good luck all!

The rookie is gonna win it all

Congrats for making it so far, and good luck!

Good luck to you all!

Good Luck, Blade! :)

May the RNG goddess grace me with her favor.

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