Pazaak Semi Finals


Pazaak Semi Finals

Pazaak Semi Finals

So all rounds are now finished leaving the top four to battle it out! The last round or so has been difficult for the players to meet up at times suitable for each other so the deadline has had to be extended to next Saturday.

OPM Alaris Jinn Vs. OP Celahir Erinos

JK Rhiann Baenre Vs. CCH Kaira Rhohana

Please play your matches as soon as possible as I would like the competition finished this week with no more extensions. Once the semis have been played, view the results on and arrange your Finals match for the winners, and your 3rd place match for the losers. Report your results as before to me and Lu'Aisha Gresee and good luck! We will keep the pazaak site updated with scores and will post a final result when finished.

I am, your servant,

Dark Jedi Knight Taranae Rhode

Clan Plagueis Rollmaster

DJK Taranae Rhode (Sith) / RM / Clan Plagueis [GMRG: IV] [SA: III] [ACC: Q] AC-ToSH / DC-CP / GN / Cr:1R-2E-2T / CF-SF / CI-GC / DSS / SI-BL / SoL {SA: DPE - DPV}

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