Star Conflict: Race to Rank 9 Competition


Star Conflict: Race to Rank 9 Competition

Recently a competition went live for Star Conflict to Race to Rank 9 in game. This is to support the DJB Corporation gaining enough Rank 9 members to begin construction on a Dreadnought. At the time of creation of the competition we had 6 of the required 10 Rank 9 pilots in game.

In this competition, the first three pilots to submit a screenshot showing their character has earned a rank 9 ship will win. You do not need to fly with other DJB members to earn your rank 9 ship. You can do this solo. Only new characters will be accepted for this competition. You cannot screenshot a character that is already rank 9 before the competition started.

You must also be a member of the DJB Corps in game to be eligible for this competition, since Rank 9 pilots not in the DJB Corporation don't really help us to qualify to build a Dreadnought ;)

This competition is being run by Landon Cruise. If you'd like to be added to the DJB Corporation just message Landon, Drake Starfire, or Chrome.

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