Star Wars Assault Team: 4-LOM Competition!


Star Wars Assault Team: 4-LOM Competition!

Over the next 4 days there are Special Missions in Star Wars Assault Team which allow you to assemble 4-LOM for your team. I've created a competition based around this which will be going live shortly (link to be added after Comp Approval). Here's the info:


The Star Wars Assault Team App has a Special Mission currently running which allows you to assemble 4-LOM for your Team! Perform these missions and collect all the pieces necessary to complete 4-LOM.

A screenshot showing 4-LOM's chasis BEFORE ASSEMBLING IT, with all associated components needed is required to complete this competition. Refer to this incomplete Chasis screenshot example to see what you should capture. Placement will be determined by who submits screenshots first.

A screenshot of the 4-LOM character already assembled WILL NOT qualify for this competition.

All members who submit a qualifying screenshot will receive 10 CFs.

aww, not available :(

I've got the event, it showed up last night.... Android here. How about you, Yacks? It may be platform specific.

Using the Amazon App Store version of the Android type, on the BlackBerry Z10... it's the only way I can get the game at all.

Poor poor dead BlackBerry :(

Just... why?

You clearly need to get one of those new iPhone 1s... products....the devil....all are the same

Is the time from when you subscribe or when the competition started?

First person to submit a qualifying screenshot on the DJB website = 1st place. And so on

Really frustrating that the different versions of this game are not all having the same promotional events.

I for one blame George Lucas.

Is there a trick to bettering your odds of pulling the items? I've played the missions at all three difficulty levels probably....20 times now and I'm not getting crap except mechanical promotion items.

Meh, who cares about people who don't even have a shot? They should have had the right version from the beginning.

Unfortunately I haven't learned how to create Mobile App games yet, so I can't make "Dark Jedi Brotherhood Assault Team". My game would run all events on each different platform at the same time, and would have a Panda Ewoks for Howie. Clearly a better product.

Aabs, other than the tips that say certain missions have a better chance of dropped "X" I don't know of anything. When I got IG-88 a month or so ago I just kept running stuff on the highest difficulty and eventually got the items. long did it take you to drop the IG stuff? Because this is...demotivating. I'm been running nothing by the high level LOM missions and get nothing but Tier 3 promo items.

Not very long. A day or two max to complete IG. I'll try running some of these and see if I have any success later today.

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