Star Wars Assault Team: Gem Runs!


Star Wars Assault Team: Gem Runs!

For the next two days you can complete the Gem Run Challenge in Star Wars Assault Team. The challenge requires you to have a group of 3 heroes, 1 Human, 1 Beast, 1 Droid (no 4th member is allowed). You can win up to 5 Gems from each run by (think Cartel Coins for this Mobile Game) completing this challenge.

I've run it a half dozen or so times today during breaks at work. Gems don't show up as a reward often, but I have seen them. Also picked up a 3rd Level Tusken Raider and Advozse Pirate. I'm a fan of this mini-event they're running so far.

Remember, this only lasts for 2 days!

nice will have to give that a shot for sure, my normal team is 3 lvl 4 human and 1 lvl 4 droids are lacking though

Gems you say? Neat.

It just so happens I have three Lvl 5s in my Team, that are a human, beast, and droid.

Also picked up a SpecForce Trooper and Trandoshan Hunter from these. Both Lvl 3. Excited to get the SpecForce dude leveled up.

nice, my lvl 4's are close to 5 but unfortunately I haven't played much lately

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