Star Wars Battlefront Release Date Announced


Star Wars Battlefront Release Date Announced

Battlefront. That is all.

In news that the gaming community in the DB, and Star Wars gamers in general have been waiting for... Star Wars Battlefront has a release date. Unfortunately the announcement from EA doesn't really jive with what we had been hoping for when it comes to the release: Holiday 2015.

It looks like they'll be aiming to release it around the same time as Episode VII, which at least means we can look forward to a full level geek out around Christmas time next year.

Just The Seal


See I might buy a PS4 just for this.


I wish it was earlier. I love my PS4 and wouldn't trade it, but Battlefront was one of the reasons I bought it


Guys, just make sure you're reading that right... 2015. You've got time to get your consoles (and let them drop in price) before you have to buy.

Or play on PC...

I actually agree with Shad. Every Battlefield title has been best done on PC imo, and especially given the rather... tempestuous history DICE has had with their products needing countless patches, I think that PC is the way to go with this game.

I agree, I enjoyed many MMO battles with friends at school.

Consoles are for kindergarteners... :P

Don't forget frat boys.

Bro...why you crap on consoles, bro. Not cool, bro.

I think DICE had previously stated (unofficially) that BF3 wouldn't release until after Episode VII released, so I consider this an improvement. Very excited. Might just get it for PS4 and PC (for the DJB multiplayer, of course)

Yay !

Sounds like a high quality gaming PC is going be more benefit to me then a new console.

Woo! Battlefront!

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