Star Wars Commander: The Sickness Competition


Star Wars Commander: The Sickness Competition

Once again we have a new Star Wars Commander Campaign and a Competition to go along with it! Hopefully 9 days is adequate to cover the time this event will run, we'll find out tomorrow. The competition will be extended if the campaign runs for longer.

I've learned from the last two rounds on CF awarding and have a base template of 5 CF per 10 missions completed in the campaign, and 5 bonus CFs for completing through the last mission. This should keep things more even in case we find a 98 mission long event waiting for us.

Lastly, the competition should be getting MAA approval soon. Save your screenshots, its coming.

What sweet stuff can you get from this event? Well, let me tell you...

  • Republic: HWK-290 Starship Strike - effective against infantry
  • Empire: VT-49 Starship Strike - effective against infantry

There's also a few limited time units, I don't know if you can only buy a limited quantity or if they are going to be available to train if you buy them. I can only hope they become available to train:

  • Death Troopers - sounds like re-skinned Storm Troopers
  • Scout Death Troopers - sound like re-skinned Scout Storm Troopers
  • Heavy Death Troopers - guess what this is a re-skin of? This one also has a note that its available to both Republic and Empire Players. I'm unsure if that applies to all three.

Personnally I'd love to have a zombie stormtrooper army to assault people with. Guess I have some Commander Missions to start working on tomorrow :)

26 Missions and lasting 4 days (started for me about 4 or 5 hours ago...)

Thank god its not another 50+ mission one.

Dunno if available for the pc version.

For those playing imperial on pc, DJB-pc group is got 28/30 spots still open

2nd Level Crescents for this one folks. Participation is very likely to push it to 1st. The event is starting in 2 or 3 hours where I'm at.

What are the screenshots to be of? Since everyone is starting at a different time, how will it be determined who did things the fastest? The screen that shows how much time remains isn't the same one that shows your completed star information. Or will time not be a factor in the competition? In which case, what will determine who wins?

I think time refers to who submits the screenshots to the DJB website first. So if both you and I complete all missions with all stars, but I submit my screenshot before you (submissions are time-stamped), then I win.

But if you got to start the campaign 14 hours before I did, that'd give you a major advantage.

Yeah, because I'm GMT+12 and Misium is like... -3 GMT I started the campaign a good 14 or 15 hours (enough time to finish the campaign, though not with full stars.)

Val can step in if I'm misspeaking, but some gaming platforms just limit our ability to be totally 100% fair in time-based competitions. We can't control when the campaigns release, so we work with what we can. 14 hours may seem like a significant advantage, but in my experience the later levels slow down a lot as you wait for troops to build, sometimes need to upgrade or research. To that end, it may also be unfair if someone is using gems to speed up research, but we can't limit member's ability to spend cash if they want.

Ultimately, Val sets up the competitions to inspire DJB gaming activity, in this case single-player activity. Even if the time difference comes into play for 1st place (which I'm not sure it has, especially on that last long ass campaign), you'll still receive your fair share of Clusters of Fire.

Of course all this talk of "fairness" is ignoring the fact that iOS users had a full month of time to vastly out level us poor Android users, making the campaigns a lot easier for them :P

I suppose, to be honest, I'm just anxious because I'm in a strong position to do well in this competition. I've progressed really far in a pretty short amount of time, and knowing that, had I had access to the campaign at the same time as the first people to have access, I could potentially come in first place. But knowing many people may well have a considerable head start over me, my potential for placing in the competition reduces greatly. Which I guess isn't a big deal, but of course, naturally, I'd like to win.

Misium, look at the outcomes of the previous competitions. No one has gotten 3 stars on all 8 of the last missions yet before the time has expired.

I'll do what I can to keep everything as fair as possible during grading. I can't control the way a company releases it content though, just do the best with the cards I'm dealt to keep it fair.

Yeah, I understand, and I apologize for being a nuisance about it. I was excited to have an opportunity to win something, and felt like I actually had a chance to do so. The end of the campaign has proven to be all but impossible for me, however, so unfortunately it was a lot of banter for nothing =C I expect to be able to get 2 more stars. The rest just seem to be impossible. Anyway, sorry again for making waves. Winning isn't something that generally happens to me, so I guess I get carried away.

Misium, no reason to apologize for being competitive when it comes to gaming, and they are all great questions. I hope we all beat Solari ;)

If nothing else, working full time with a kid at home is also limiting my ability to compete with people who can sit around at their computers/phones all day... so I don't even bother. More power to those people :p

lol, you're not being a nuisance man. Just wanted to let you know you still have a chance at this thing.

Remember, you can upload your submission now and if you unlock more Stars you can always update the screenshot (it will change your submission time though, but more Stars > submission time)

Awwww, disappointing. Can't finish it because my iPhone can't handle the level. Just crashes my units - they just stand motionless and get shot until they die. Stuck on the 24th or 25th mission, so I guess I can't unlock the new unit either :( Was pretty close.

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