Star Wars Galactic Defense App now released! And Competition


Star Wars Galactic Defense App now released! And Competition

The latest Star Wars Mobile Game has been released. Star Wars Galactic Defense is now available on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Based on a standard Tower Defense game with a Star Wars theme, this game will allow you to link up with friends and choose if you want to play as Light or Dark Side.

I've just finished downloading it, and will add more info to this post if I find there's a way to create a Guild/Clan/Squad/something for the club.

Edit: Competition created for game, 2nd Level Crescents. Get the most Stars you can from Tatooine, 5 CFs for every 12 Stars earned to all participants. Watch for it on the Competition page soon!

Have only found a way to link the game to your Facebook friends list. No Squads type thing that I've noticed yet.

I think it would also be a great opportunity for another competition. I only just started to play it before the Commander campaign began, so I'm not really sure what a competition for GD might be, but it looks like you progress through a series of planets? So perhaps the person who progresses furthest in a given time frame?

Yup, I'll be looking for something we can run for the game as I get a better handle on it.

Awesome, been looking forward to this one for a while. Tower Defense Games are way fun.

Competition submitted, details in main post now!

Only played a few boards, but I've found I prefer Maul over Vader for his speed to move around the map

If you finish novice on all the levels on Tatooine (it may actually be based on stars, but for me it happened when I completed all the levels) you unlock the second hero slot without having pay for it... yay for having both Vader and Maul available.

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