Star Wars: Jedi Academy on sale


Star Wars: Jedi Academy on sale

Steam is currently offering Star Wars: Jedi Academy for 33% off.

For those of you looking for an excuse to buy it and us it during the Great Jedi War? This could be it!


I was literally checking Steam last night to see if it was on sale before heading out to the shed to look for my CDs lol.

seems they got a good deal going, which i decided to buy since i hate being left out of the gaming part for the GJW xD

anyways, 20 bucks for Jedi academy 1 and 2, star wars: dark forces 1 and 2, plus an expansion to jedi academy 2 i believe, Star wars mysteries of the sith.

seemed like a good deal to me so i went ahead and bought it xD

Damn you Howie, you made me buy something off steam! :(

Very good deal!

Any DJB-peeps using a graphics overhaul/high-red texture mod? Recommendations?

33% off... that's not much. Should be 75% off and 80% for the pack. This game is ancient and went open source at some point. BOOOOO~!

Gooooood, goooooood.....

That's still 67% more than I'm willing to pay.

^ This guy.

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