Taken King Destiny Cluster of Earth


Taken King Destiny Cluster of Earth


Greetings Destiny Gamers! Just wanted to get a quick news post up letting you know that the Clusters of Earth for The Taken King Strikes and Raid. Be sure to submit any you have tonight or tomorrow, to get credit towards this quarter's GMRG race! Values for all the new activities are as follows:

  • Earth - TTK - Fallen S.A.B.E.R.: 4 CE
  • Venus - TTK - Echo Chamber: 3 CE
  • Dreadnaught - TTK - Shield Brothers: 3 CE
  • Dreadnaught - TTK - Sunless Cell: 4 CE
  • RAID - Dreadnaught - TTK - King's Fall: 24 CE

Special thanks to Ernordeth for running time trials on these events and sending me over values to plug into the website. I'll see you out there Guardians!

Let's get it!

Dirty console news knocking down fiction society!

/Sarcasm and /Love

turns in 11 screen shots

<3 ya Val!

If anyone on PS4 needs an extra body for a strike or some crucible hit me up if I'm on. DarthFunk420 on the PS4.

If anyone is not lame and plays on the superior console: my Xbox One Gamertag is: w4lly

Pre-warning, I swear and yell at things over headset. Pew pew

Join Wally and me (Gamertag: Chockeye) on Xbox One. Be superior.

Beware the delusions of grandeur from the above two. There will be nothing superior outside a lack of variety of who you can play with inside the DJB. ;P

But whatever your choice, enjoy the support of TTK CE's! Thanks Ernordeth and Val for the hard work.

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