Tonights Raid


Tonights Raid

Guys and Girls,

Tonight we have a raid planned for 9pm EST on The Old Republic, Armags and Furios have headed the raid project for us and as such tonight's raid will be a 16 Man for the Ultimate and Elite Commendations. So if you want to be part of tonight's fun just make sure that you are online by 9pm EST, and that you are geared and raid ready for it. Also as a request I would like to see as many of you getting onto the TeamSpeak Server as possible. It helps us with easy raid communications and making sure that we all know what we are doing the information is as follows:

Server Adress:

Password: DJBrulez1

I look forward to seeing as many of you here as possible, remember to keep gaming and keep having fun.


what levels?

55, Brim - we're looking at running Scum and Villainy.

I'll be there on Star.

I'll bring my Sorc Healer and my HOU HYPE!

Yay! Raid! Ultimate comms!

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