ToR Flashpoint Update.


ToR Flashpoint Update.

Hey Guys and Girls,

So with the constant raids being ran on Friday thanks to the amazing work of our officers we also want to look at getting Flashpoint Monday Started up and running, this would include us running a massive amount of Flashpoints, the idea behind it is for your weeklies and even dailys we will help you try and complete these flashpoints quickly and efficiently. Myself and others will be on the TS server and the ToR Game all day to help you with any of the flashpoints you wish to do, so please feel free to come along on Monday bring what ever character you feel is best for you or that requires help getting the weekly and we will be more than willing to help you achieve all of them. I look forward to seeing you all on Monday, remember keep gaming and have fun!.


Any chance it can be a day other than Mondays?

Contact us with the day you want it to be and we'll see what can be done. There can and likely will be times when there will be enough people on to run Flashpoints but maybe not raid or people on who couldn't be fit into the raid.

Sounds like fun~ I'll join it when I get the chance. Still need to get a character to max level after all.

What progression are you guys currently doing on Operations? With the current group you have set so far.

I'll be headed home for vacation in the next week. Once settled, I'll be back in game as well to help out and run some Ops/FP's with y'all. I have a Tank, rDPS, mDPS, and Healer. My oldest has a DPS as well, so maybe we can talk him into helping us out =)

Really a lot of us, myself included, are on almost every day... so if you need help running flashpoints most of us are always around. I've been typically running a raid at least once a day here lately, as well.

I wanna get more into this and raids. Sounds fun.

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