TOR - Galactic Strongholds


TOR - Galactic Strongholds

Galactic Strongholds

More information on the upcoming digital expansion for The Old Republic - Galactic Strongholds. This expansions allows you to purchase strongholds (player housing) all across the Galaxy and decorate it to your tastes. More importantly (one would hope), they're adding in Guild Flagships!

Bioware/EA are pulling the same deal as the last content update, Galactic Starfighter with a staggered released based on whether or not you subscribe, are preferred access, or just free to play. Members who subscribe by May 11 get bonus cartel coins and a "Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace Stronghold" for free.

Check out the link below for more details on the expansion as well as a FAQ that might answer some of your questions.

Galactic Strongholds

Intrigued to see how the Guild Flagship ends up working. Just sad that it feels like too little too late.

So, a ridiculous money / CC sink. That's just what this game needs!

Glad I'm still a subscriber....I think

I'm interested to see what they do with this and how much it will cost for stuff. The free house is probably all you really need. The Guild Flagship actually sounds pretty cool; free advertising for us?

Hopefully you can buy the guild ship with credits

Legacy Storage will be nice. Maybe Legacy Crafting next. Guild Captial Ships will be interesting. Seems like it needs to be Guild vs Guild PVP and/or Guild versus Environment with your guild mates crewing the ship. Otherwise it's just going to be a Guild House which isn't nearly as cool.

Hopefully Player Stronghold customization will be truly custom and not use pre-defined decoration locations. Probably going to be the latter though.

Overall it looks to be cool. Reminds me of Hearthfire in Skyrim. Player housing as a mini-game. Looking forward to it. Free too.

Toooooo laaaaate :( This would've been pretty cool as a feature at release.

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