ToR Guild Report!


ToR Guild Report!


Guild Raids

We are raiding on a regular basis, at the moment the main goal for our raids is to try and get the newer members gear. The current Officer that is setting up raids is Armags, I would suggest that if you have a level 55 and are currently trying to get gear speak to him about this matter. He will try and set something up for you no doubt as we get the guild stronger with max level characters.

Once we have more members that are at a higher level of gear we will then try and get the higher end raids completed. So I strongly suggest that you begin to level your gear up, this way we as the Brotherhood Guild can continue to progress to the higher level of raids. Keep up the hard work here guys.


This is something that you can do with most members, Flashpoints are a good way to earn XP and Gear at the lower levels. While it only takes four people to do these missions as long as you are with two DB members you can get CF’s for your effort. As well as when you hit 55 they are a good way to run Hard Modes, to get yourself some Elite Commendations all to work towards getting the gear that you will be required to have to run the harder raids.


As most of you would have seen by now we currently have a new TeamSpeak Server up and running. If you check Valhavocs news post it seems that the art of war server closed down without any prior warning for us as the users of the site. For this reason the FIST has already set up a new TeamSpeak Server for the Guild and any other member of the Brotherhood who wishes to come along and chat while gaming. Information for the Team Speak Server is as follows:

Server Address: Password: DJBrulez1

We use TeamSpeak for such things as Running in group flashpoints, setting up Raids. As well as communication throughout the Raid, both myself and Valkish strongly recommend that you look into using TeamSpeak.

Updates Coming Out

With the recent patch being out we have seen the addition of a new 55 storyline being added. We both strongly recommend that you give these FP’s a run if you get the chance, they are pretty fun as well as giving you a bit more of a Storyline increase inside of the game.

The next updates that we are looking at will be the addition of the Housing system, with rumors going around about the updates as well as the cool stuff that come with them. If you want to know more the best place to look is on the Forum’s while I speculate that most of this will only be speculation till the patch it is worthwhile keeping your eyes open for when it is released.

Finally the one that you have all talked about, it has been strongly suggested and put out there that at some point we will see the addition of Guild Ships added to the Fleet. While we are open to this as so little information is currently around for us to use we are unsure of what to expect or what we will see come out for these. But none the less as time comes up and more information is passed out we will begin to release details for all of you, but have no fear myself and Valkish are looking into more information on this all the time. As well as making sure that when they are released will will do the best we can to make sure our Guild gets the benefits from the ships.

Double XP Weekend

As most of you will know by now their is currently a Double XP weekend running in the game. This gives you the opportunity to level up quickly and efficiently on your character, earning more XP for everything from killing an enemy to completing a mission. So if you are not yet fifty-five, or even if you have an ALT that you wanna put some time in, this weekend will be the best time to do so to get those levels racking up. I look forward to seeing all of you online.

The Guild and You

In this section we will be just explaining about how the guild is working now, as you have seen we have had a new position opened for the Houses and Clans known as Unit Reps and we will explain how they fit inside of the Guild.

First of all myself and Valkish, well simply put our jobs are to make sure that everything keeps running smoothly and in a timely fashion. We will bring you information and news and be around to answer any questions that you have or any concerns that you have about the Guild. As well as hosting the competitions and other events for the Guild.

The Officers of the Guild are there to make sure that they oversee the Day to Day running of the Guild. These guys will be helping set up raids, doing Flashpoints as well as just answering general questions that you may have about the Guild. Though remember if you need anything done on the spot it will normally be the Officers who will be able to help with this stuff.

Unit Representatives, these guys are the members inside of your House/Clan who have the power to invite you to the Guild, they will be able to sort you out from the start, helping you get the information you need as well as having your rank set to member if it is required. If you need an invite for the Guild I strongly suggest that you try and find your unit rep first. As a reminder, Unit Reps are selected by their respective Quaestor’s/Consuls. If changes are made to unit reps Cethgus or I will make the change.

Finally, where do you sit in all of this? Well simply put without your constant participation and time inside the game the Brotherhood Guild would cease up. So its because of all of you playing ToR that the guild is where it is, so keep up working hard and expanding your experience and knowledge of the game and the Guild. And most of all go out there and have fun.

Thanks for the SWTOR Guild Staff for all their hard work. SWTOR love!

Special props to Armags for his hard work in putting the raids together, which can be like herding cats.

Agreed good work Armags, Looking forward tot he nest raid.

Armags is a damn machine!

That's a good lil torbot, there's no better praise than from your peers armags, good work.

Thanks for the updates Ceth.

Armags and Furios have both been working hella-hard. Without them, literally, we would not have a TOR guild or raids.

Can I rec them for a medal for their tireless and sensational work? If so, bam, let's do this.

Indeed. After talking to the people still actively involved in TOR from the DB, I have to comment and give a huge shout out to Armags and Furios. As Mirus said, without those two, there effectively wouldn't be a DJB TOR guild any more. They are for sure the driving force behind TOR stuffs these days.

Thank you to Armags and Furious for keeping us going! We have had some ups and downs but we seem to be making a turn in the right direction! I will echo what everyone else has said, without those two keeping us afloat, we'd be dead in the water right now.

Yes, a special THANK YOU to Armags and Furious for this report. You guys really really do keep the email chains going and getting us all united, if only a couple nights a week. They are working very hard in their officer positions. Keep taking charge, kicking booty, and taking names!

Thank to a few people. Armags and Furious at the top for getting raids back together. Yuriko for here consistent lets run hard mode's. And Donblas for his info and help in the game.

Guys & Gals, Thanks for the nice comments. Speechless really. It's a team effort and would like to point out there are others who need a mention (ill prob miss people though due to gold fish memory). Furious needs special mention for dealing with me constantly pestering him and bouncing ideas off him and spamming his inbox twice as much as the rest of the guild...which is a shit load. Don, while I may organise the raids, this man takes charge and leads the raid with his cool and calm attitude no matter how many times we wipe he keeps us going and helps all newbs understand there rolls inraid. Yuriko.....well Ms AGRO QUEEN. while you may have me head butting a wall sometimes with amount of agro you pull and money boss wipes weve been on, shes always there willing to help anyone who needs it and help lead guild by contantly topping DPS charts in most battles. And Kreeayt Havok, This man has nearly single handedly geared the guild with his crafting and is always sitting on TS answering any question thrown at him and helping on raids when he can. and everyone who I probably forgot to mention.

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