X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Digital Release


X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Digital Release


Good Old Games has just released the Second Wave of Lucas games! This wave includes the first-time digital release of X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. There are also a number of other games being released, including Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and DRM-fee versions of Dark Forces, SWTOR II and Battlefront II.

I will of course be grabbing XvT and XWA, and it will be interesting to see how well the multi-player aspects of it hold up to this day and age. I may have to grab a furry friend and see how well these games work.

Anyone else going to pick up one of the games just released?

I got everything except SW Galactic Battlegrounds :)

I wonder if they'll mess XvT/XWA up the same way they did the TIE release.

I'm the furry friend!

I will get them most definitely. Time to bust out some Assault Gunboats. Also does this mean XvT is going to be an official platform again? I need it to be.

It already is. All the X-Wing series space sims are Tier 1 platforms.

What was erong with the first tie fighter xwing rollout andrel?

Well, considering I just bought an expensive joystick-and-thruster set for Elite: Dangerous, I might as well put them to work on some golden oldies as well.

They didn't release one of three versions of TIE and Mark is very very angry about it :P

I'll also be buying at least XvT tonight when I get home. Time to relive the old days.

It's an older game sir, but it checks out.

I never did finish the BoP campaign :P

Attacking the Super Star Destroyer was always super satisfying.

Coop PVP, Unlimited B-Wings, SSD Runs... took about 45 Minutes... ended up being fastest to just unload heavy rockets and crash into the ship while firing lasers and ions using the old w trick.... good times :P

I see what you did there, Turel. Well played indeed.

Part of me feels like getting the games, but another part of me doesn't. I know which side will win out :P

One of us! One of us! Looking forward to trying these games out again.

Do you think we might be able to start building some custom missions that could be listed on the site to play? Would be cool.

Me and Dempsey have been talking about that a bit in recent months too cruise


I'm the furry friend!

You are the one that furries? :P

Never got to play these, I'm pretty excited to try them out.

Howie is indeed a furry. Like the Plagueis of old, and Jieni.

Howie is exactly like Jieni.


As Yacks said, GOG failed to release the DOS Collector's CD, which was by far the best version of the game.

Instead they offered the disk version (WHY?) and the horrible Windows 'remake'.

Reading some of the reviews for XWA, seems the MP functions aren't all there, but it could bear some testing. I'm going to grab the whole pack and that way I don't need to hunt for my CDs every few years when I get the urge.

Guess it's time to buy an expensive joystick & thruster...

Hey. Hey guys. Hey. Hey look. Look. Look. Look what I did: Ta-Da!

Managed to sort out the port forwarding. Take a look at this link for help on that. It took a bit of googling to figure mine out, but in the end, I got it sorted and Armags could connect without having to go through all that. I suspect the ports are why some of the reviewers on GOG were saying MP doesn't work.

<3 Ah, my dear XvT, how I did love thee <3

Albeit the SSD never lived up to the dream I had as a kid when first playing through the solo campaign, where I dreamt about attacking the SSD... and... my god... it was BIG ... that thing still gives me nightmares. The game itself never matched that :P

and... my god... it was BIG ... that thing still gives me nightmares.

That's what she said.

Do these suckers work with just a mouse?


Spoken like a true ground pounder Mav. I mean, that's just not cool.

Halc is right to use caps. Forged in the fires of hell is that comment. Forget dogfighting, you'd be driven mad by TIE's training simulator alone. Mad I say! MAD!

No Collector's edition? Why did they take a dump on my desire to given them my money?

Where the hell am I anyway?

And back to the ether.

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