#Hearthstone in Open Beta!


#Hearthstone in Open Beta!

Just got word this morning that Blizzard's CCG (available on PC and MAC), Hearthstone, is now in open beta.

Hearthstone Icon

All you need in order to get access to the game, if you are in one of the regions listed below, is a battle.net account. Who doesn't have one of those these days?

I've been playing a fair amount of this game while in closed beta - mainly at lunch as it works well on my Windows tablet - and would love to see it get some love from the DJB.

Make sure you're posting your battle.net IDs on the forums and on your dossier so people can add each other as friends and make sure you let the Fist know that you want this game officially supported (I know I do!)

Eligible Regions:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • South East Asia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand (Woo, go me!)

Blizzard says other regions will be coming in the next few days.

Check out IGN's article, Hearthstone: The Only Game You’ll Ever Need…, for a write up and beginner's tour, or jump right in!

p.s. Yes, I'm including hash tags in news post titles, they come through on the Twitters.

I foresee a competition in the future...

Open beta?! Finally!

Whoot. Been watching the gf play and it looks fun.

Yes, my Fiancee has wanted to play too, but it isn't possible to replay the tutorial and she didn't really want to play without doing that first.

But, now she can get her own copy of the game.

#IHeartSolari #MayTheForceBeWithYou

I'm not sure if this means I need to title all my Reports #FistReport now...

yes hearthstone, yessss

lol Val, I'm only going to do it if it's something big... like #starwars, #swtor :P

That, or I'll hash tag everything hahahahaha!

stab your self with a rusty lightsaber.......its what I want to do every time "hash tag" is used and people don't get that its the pound key on a phone.....oh wait no one calls anymore they text

It'd be nice to have a game I actually care to play supported.

Hearthstone is a bit too random and simple, but it is pretty nice for wasting time in small chunks since matches are so quick.

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Armstrong has served as the deputy movie director of MITEI since its founding six years back. "Cole went straight to ground. In addition to Lokshina, he met Sergei Nikitin of Amnesty Global, the Russian lawyer Henry Reznik, Vyacheslav Nikonov, <b>an</b> MP with close ties to the actual Kremlin, and Vladimir Lukin, the country's presidential human<br><img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-OCYH79mKJ4I/UPFE3D2iQAI/AAAAAAAABkU/ZzC68iLv_LM/s1600/before_and_after_girl_gets_a_dramatic_lip_enhancement_640_01.jpg"><br> rights ombudsman.<br> I know.<br> "• A photograph originally used in this short article has been removed at the <b>request</b> with</b> <b>the</b> writer. Alexei Borodin Photo: M.<br> It all boils down to cost, otherwise I imagine more would sign upward. We have been here before, with an <b>adult.</b><br><img src="http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/dog-groups-sporting-group0.jpg"><br> He  was understandably more conflicted about the must "get away".<br> After it became the first western movie broadcast on North Korean TV, Bonner thought, "Maybe <b>we</b> [Daelemans and local producer Ryom Mi-Hwa] could do exactly the same. “We've<br><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Woy1h4DCA6E/UMDYaOzkQvI/AAAAAAAACCw/a2AyOhhuFg8/s1600/d26.jpg"><br> had decades of cartoon speculation, and here's speculation that's anchored in physical comprehension of how the <b>interiors</b> of these bodies <b>might evolve, ” says Asphaug, who was not involved in the investigation. 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"I hope it generates discussion, " says <b>Zobel.</b> Mozafari, Madden, postdoc Alekh Jindal, and Carlo Curino, a former member of Madden's group that is now at Microsoft, use two different techniques in the SIGMOD paper to predict what sort of database-driven application will respond to increased insert.<br> I created the Tisdale-Carano index by simply subtracting the critic score from</b> your user score, then ranking the entire dataset by this kind of number. She read up on the movement after having a related module during her course. ”The new method — called photon-correlation Fourier spectroscopy in solution — assists you to extract single-particle spectral properties from <b>a</b> large <b>band of particles.<br> “We <b>not</b> only gave MIT a great face, but made the U.<br> I had hoped it would be per day when we all sat together in the actual hall, discussing strategies for improvement. Picking through the subtexts of the limitless screeds on "broken Britain", you'd have<br><img src="http://media.outsideonline.com/images/BestPlaceslogo_12.jpg"><br> <b>to</b> stick your pin approximately</b> the mass availability of the contraceptive pill as well as the abolition of the death penalty.<br> Cultures are not just "supermarkets where currently for ourselves according <b>to</b> our personal tastes". In fact, the opposite<br><img src="http://25dip.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/1260894977149-annual-dog-show.jpg"><br> seems to be true, as findings from British Columbia where minimal</b> alcohol pricing has been implemented suggest a decrease in deaths and hospital admissions due to alcoholic beverages. Some science journalists moved from science to science writing since they liked it, and hey, it was a living, with travel and expenses too. Rewind a <b>few</b> years to the moment before mobile applications were rebranded <b>as</b> programs: an era when mobile operators were the key store-owners for mobile games, and when rubbish movie tie-ins were heavily promoted on the portals. “Based on <b>the</b> pattern of what mild <b>is</b> absorbed, it tells you the chemical composition. The Science Collaborative Program of the Nationwide Estuarine Research Reserve System (a partnership from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the particular coast states), announced the award on Aug. What do I want all of these folks to have in common.<br> Illustrator Angie Stevens <b>put</b> down her sketchpad any time children arrived – postnatal depression smothered the girl urge to draw.<br> Typical polymer-based<br><img src="http://media-cache-ec5.pinterest.com/avatars/prettyandfun-1361562835_600.jpg"><br> hydrophobic coatings quickly degrade when subjected to steam, but the ceramics kept their hydrophobicity <b>undamaged,</b> Varanasi says.<br> "It's nice to have the backing with<br><img src="http://api.ning.com/files/sLvh4KvKMEeVZ39CoHj6WM5TTcg6t4zaCDZlwEu6oV5T7lkzbPh22cS-*0RMsNFnDVQyEQS1d3saH8JfSRh07HQ7esWLFNKh/Barney.jpg"><br> the coach", he <b>said.<br></b> Koch Professor in <b>Chemical</b> Engineering at MIT plus a member of MIT's Koch Institute for Integrative Most cancers Research. But <b>the</b> Supreme Court ruled that nobody could own humanity's genetic code. However, the Irish property developer Kevin McGeever mysteriously reappeared barefoot on the rural road in January, his emaciated body and long, unkempt beard made him resemble the tycoon Howard Hughes. And in the process, he has cultivated his true <b>passion</b> — “a blend of nuclear physics and materials science <b>with</b> a little bit of engineering thrown in. '"). As a reviewer said of Frederic Remington's content articles, illustrated by himself in 1895, the <b>cowboy</b> roamed "where the American may <b>still</b> experience the great red-shirted freedom <b>which</b> has <b>been</b> pushed to date to the <a href = "http://ghtyu67ukn.com">fghtes56 </a> that it threatens soon to expire somewhere nearby</b> the top".<br> Cohen <b>is</b> definitely trying to <b>challenge</b> himself in new <b>techniques.</b> At the beginning we thought we will have to build our own scanner.<br> Don't rub a cheese grater up as well as down your cheeks. Alvarez was immediately impressed, realised <b>that</b> here was a breakthrough, and arranged for a colleague to notice the talk. After being looked after for many decades by his mother, he was taken in <b>by</b> a family friend before <b>stepping into a care home; following some initial consternation, he adapted to his new living areas, <b>and,</b> when Corkin asked him, he could  draw accurate <b>floor</b> plans. Vans may also now chime while <b>fixed.<br></b> Students can watch lectures on <b>their</b> personal</b> time.<br> He<br><img src="http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7dkzchxth1rbc3mlo1_500.gif"><br> would be a perfect person to sit towards the top and introduce all the things <b>that</b> you will need in place to run a club appropriately. As for how the Premier League coverage and also the continued MLS coverage might work together or perhaps overlap, Miller was sticking to the "wait as well as see"<br><img src="http://lh6.ggpht.com/_dlkAw43cLC0/SY_dejQkbHI/AAAAAAAADHY/8OKtsVeIWrA/s800/14-Lovely-Hearts-for-St-Valentines-day-jump.jpg"><br> line. Students who <b>want</b> to go on in order to careers in marine science, but don't yet know what that will be like. ” or “Is this email spam. However, <b>the</b> mutant is completely dead with consider to <b>activation</b> by resveratrol.<br> "Looking ahead to next Wednesday's second <b>lower-leg at Camp Nou, the 28-year-old promised Barcelona would give their all inside a bid to turn the Champions League link round. NEW YORK -- U. 1bn users every month, growing faster in Africa, Asia and South America by subsidising mobile access to get a new generation of users for whom Facebook could be the internet. Nafisi's book and the opera chronicle a reading group mcdougal started for female As I had <b>expected,</b> learning how to be a bona fide lecturer while adapting to residing in a new country isn't easy. UCL has from its inception been devoted to education both within our walls and beyond inside the local community. ”One Earth is now creating modified variations of its cookers<br><img src="http://hoguenews.com/wp-content/uploads//2009/07/afghan-girl-615.jpg"><br> for recreation and disaster response in america. "I would rather Sam focused on his</b> or her own game, " Howley said.<br> Spiced rum, <b>red</b> apple liqueur, and cranberry juice gives that spiced orchard fruit <b>flavor</b> for <b>this crimson drink. So, for Cristiano, not<br><img src="http://newspaper.li/static/af9a7d365bf2ff6b98a62905cd7014e1.bmp"><br> easy.<br> Collen, a pioneer in the <b>field.</b> We were willing to overlook the crisis in Shi Ayi's life, given how essential she was to the household <b>as</b> a caregiver.<br> HERAT, Afghanistan — Nine-year-old Ali Sena Nowruzee's disappearance had been disturbingly predictable, even<br><img src="http://grandprixgroup.com/official_usedcarshow/wp-content/gallery/pretty217/pretty21-717.jpg"><br> in a city largely untouched from the <b>Taliban</b> and often held up for example of what a peaceful Afghanistan might seem like. Filtering for frequenciesOne consideration for through-wall radar, Charvat says, is what radio wavelength to <b>use.<br></b> Charts compare changes in gross domestic <b>product</b> and unemployment in america during the five years after <b>1929</b> <b>with all the changes in Greece during the five decades after <b>2007.<br></b> It's significant that the most <b>ringing</b> validation for Deepa Mehta's Midnight's<br><img src="http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0006/3622/products/gemma_ride_tote_2_grande.jpg%3F74"><br> <b>Children</b> (2012, EntertainmentOne, 12) came <b>from</b> Salman Rushdie, from whose Booker prize-winning novel the movie was adapted.<br> 5 megawatt container-sized nuclear <b>thermoelectric</b> generator that is made to provide reliable and economic electricity <b>and</b> method heat for remote communities. It's drowning in the paranoid capitalist logic with the age – don't solve<br><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-wIPUt3ew7YM/T__gRbGW_YI/AAAAAAAAAKY/nccvYud4qGQ/s1600/Fart.jpg"><br> problems, make money out of them – which gave us gated developments and subprime. If this is true, we want to figure out why no-one is picking it up. By contrast, the budget contained only 34. stocks rose last week, pushing the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index <b>to</b> some 15-month <b>high,</b> as gains for commodities boosted metal suppliers and reports showed the economy <b>is</b> enhancing.<br> In a concluding section, Dower asserts that there have also been great differences in <b>the</b> manner the United States has used its military power recently; he delineates the differences between occupied Asia and occupied Iraq, and argues that America has changed substantially<br><img src="http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/dog-groups-sporting-group0.jpg"><br> in institutional and ideological terms <b>since</b> Planet War II. <b>"Before</b> the world existed, Louis was already there. <b>Advice</b> on how to confront ageism within the gay community despite earlier losses and steer <b>clear</b> of being alone. “There's some distance you have to go away from the bad region <b>to acquire recovery of <b>the</b> population density, ” Gore says. My recommendations are high, as I would rate this hilarious book an astonishing 5/5.<br> We strongly dispute that anything was built.<br> <b>"Bayern</b> and Borussia are very good groups, well <b>prepared</b> <b>physically</b> and technically, and they have shown it in both of <b>these <b>games,</b> " Iniesta said. The Metropolitan Opera's chief, Peter Gelb, is softening his assessment of the residence's HD broadcasts as cannibalizing ticket <b>sales.</b> Just because Girl Heaven sells sparkly red <b>hair</b> slides and feathery<br><img src="http://cdn.smosh.com/sites/default/files/bloguploads/celebrity-name-pun-taylor-drift.jpg"><br> tutus, it doesn't make everyone who shops there a hapless victim of the sexualising consumer culture. Stocks rose for a<br><img src="http://i44.tinypic.com/68dmav.jpg"><br> fifth straight few <b>days,</b> capping the steepest rally <b>since</b> 1933, as <b>Wells</b> Fargo's higher-than-estimated earnings and trader speculation that banks will pass government stress tests spurred optimism the industry's slump is ending. "The trend has been for warmer<br><img src="http://static.ddmcdn.com/gif/ten-amazing-telescopes-1.jpg"><br> rises. Tedrake and the Robot Locomotion Group, his research group at the Computer<br><img src="http://files.sharenator.com/rappers_rappers_pokemon_soulja_boy_funny_hilarious_ouch_gros_demotivational_poster_1250306507-s640x682-81737.jpg"><br> Research and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), recently unveiled a video of a new computer-controlled aircraft that has the capacity to accurately perform knife-edge turns, rolling 90 degrees to dart <b>through</b> an opening narrower compared to aircraft's wingspan.<br> The digital business is very track-focused, and not as much album-focused.<br> Monty Python simply never told the kids what Every Sperm Is Sacred meant when creating The Meaning Of Life, just as the kid in The Shining never realised he was at a horror movie.<br> Almost 50 million children and young people incompatible areas out of school, says report, with Syrian civil war worsening problemAlmost 50 million children and young adults living in conflict areas are out <b>associated</b> with school, more than half of them primary age group, and reports of attacks <b>on</b> education tend to be rising, according to figures published on Friday. "MicrosoftComputingSteve BallmerWindowsXboxStuart Dredgeguardian.<br> As a teenager he began <b>to</b> acquire music seriously — he learned to play your guitar and wrote his own songs. The team translated the chemical <b>element</b> ratios into the corresponding building blocks that comprise rocks, such <b>as</b> <b>magnesium</b> oxide, silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide. Stewart has hosted The Daily Show <b>given</b> <b>that</b> 1999, prior to which he had a short-lived career being a romantic lead on Hollywood films such since Wishful Thinking and Playing by Heart. The princess who kisses the frog, expecting him to turn into a royal prince.<br> You lose <b>points</b> if you <b>didn't</b> notice this twist coming a mile away.<br> I want <b>women</b> to<br><img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-wIPUt3ew7YM/T__gRbGW_YI/AAAAAAAAAKY/nccvYud4qGQ/s1600/Fart.jpg"><br> get paid a lot more. A new exhibit and website launched this kind of week hopes to help by providing a method to directly compare cities head to head on a number of factors, including demographics, land use, and transportation. Whether or <b>not</b> constraints should be disclosed for the <b>reader</b> is a moot point. Hence the quiet dropping of the Asian, Indian and black elements, which still appear in the original non-ideological westerns – as an <b>example,</b> Buffalo Bill's show. It has me missing Britain – and wondering if this trend can come to the UKUpon my arrival in the us from Britain, one of the first conversations I acquired with my roommate was about sleep.<br> I also like anything with David Attenborough, so I watched Africa. “What's great about the recovery length is you do not need a long time series.<br> He told the Mail on Sunday he was fed up with living a lie and spoke of fighting his sexuality in South Wales, where <b>he</b> grew up.<br> )#)That's over 10 times the <b>width</b> <b>with the solar system*.

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