Nighthawk BTL Report #1 Xmas Edition


Nighthawk BTL Report #1 Xmas Edition

Hello brothers and sisters of the Nighthawk Battle Team! The GJW is over and the results have come in and we as a Clan came in at a close 2nd with Odan Urr taking 1st place. Congratulations to them.

My inbox is full of your activity and I am proud to say that it was a pleasure reading the results as they came in.

I am so proud of you all here in this battle team, proud to be a part of something that has always been, and always will be in my eyes, a great battle team; give yourselves a pat on the back, you deserve it.


Night Hawk as a battle team is going through some changes, and they are changes for the good. I have currently added a google group for the team which I believe will improve our communication between our members and the leadership. Also I have a big announcement: Nighthawk has a friendship/Union with one of Odan Urr’s Battle Team’s, Tython Squad. This was put together a little while ago and is still fresh at the moment but I encourage you to say hello.

We will have some celebration comps between the two battle teams early next year (2018). More to come soon on that front.


Congratulations to all members who entered the GJW XII comps! That being said, here are all the things you guys have been up to this month:

Rulvak Qurroc

  • AC
  • Puzzle phase 1 2nd place
  • 40 Clusters of Fire
  • 8 Clusters of Ice
  • 62 Clusters of Earth
  • 16 Clusters of Graphite
  • Heroes of the storm 2nd place
  • Gaming phase 2 1v1 Battles 3rd place
  • Inq Ranked up
  • Diablo 3 1st place
  • Destiny Crucible 2nd place
  • 25 Seals of Wrath

Edema R’uh-Kailinor * AC * Clusters of Graphite * Abstract Arts the Elements 2nd place * 6 Seals of Wrath

*Magness Dritch *

  • 9 Seals of Wrath

Kharoc Garrlan

  • 1 seal of Wrath

Zul Zorrrander

  • 3 Clusters of Ice
  • Getting Steamy 3rd Place
  • 6 Seals of Wrath


  • Sapphire Blade Well Done!


Development Competition

Selen Development Project

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Winter Caption Series Caption Competitions

Alternate Futures The Fall of Arcona Fiction Competition

The Armoury Expo 3 The Armoury Expo 4 Graphics Competitions

All other competitions can be found here.

Closing Comments

While I was putting this report together, I had a bit of an #AskTheBTL session, but only Warp responded. His query? “Do you have any long term goals/plans for Nighthawk?”

Yes I do. My long term plans include seeing Nighthawk expand in numbers by recruiting and having a friendly and open for all battle team. We currently, I believe, all get on well within the Telegram group, which is perfect. I would like to see this continue with the google group as well.

Another goal/plan is to find out what you guys like doing and try and to incorporate that into battle team activities. For example, if you are like me, I like gaming, fiction, and stuff like that. I would like us to do this type of thing together as a team, to bond.

I hope this answers your question Warp.

Also in my closing comments I would like to express my sadness at the loss of Clan Tarentum and welcome those guys into our big fun family. I would also like to welcome Blackhawk and Lucifer, who I know very well and are good friends. A warm welcome to both of you and I hope you find a good home here in Arcona and settle in well fellas.

If anyone else has questions or concerns, I can be reached via Telegram at @ConstantineDJB or via email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. I believe that’s all from me for now.

Over and Out


Good to see a report from our Nighthawks. Keep it up guys, and great work Constantine.

Excellent report, thank you Constantine for the update. Everyone did a great job very pleased with our work. Next time we have only but to make 1st place in the DJB. I do however think that we should have our own goals individually set from that of Arcona. Since we are a tight knit "family" group. I think that we should come together at least once or twice a month to speak only to ourselves and plan out what we have going on...Just an idea...

Still very proud to be apart of the Nighthawks!


Great report, Constantine!


Excellent to see more activity from our brothers and sisters from another BT. ;P Have an excellent what's left of 2017 and let us reclaim 2018 together!

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