PlagCast Episode II: Attack of the Podcast


PlagCast Episode II: Attack of the Podcast

There are Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoilers Contained Within. This is your first and last warning.

Okay, fine, one more. TLJ Spoilers below. Spoilers with a capital 'S'. Beware.

This article has the 'Contains Spoilers' box clicked. This is serious stuff.


With the holidays in full swing and Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi having been released for a significant amount of time, Vivcackus and company could not contain their excitement. It burst, attacking him with such vigor that he gathered compatriots from about the Clan to talk not only TLJ, but Star Wars and the Dark Brotherhood in general. Thus we have the second episode of the Plagueis Podcast, or Episode II: Attack of the Podcast that can be found HERE. Below, you can find the topics and the relevant times they were discussed.

  • 00:01:00 - Opening and Intros
  • 00:01:55 - Furios intro
  • 00:03:56 - Request for feedback/comments
  • 00:04:38 - Brotherhood News
  • 00:09:18 - Current/upcoming competitions

Okay, now if you've made it this far, read below. Please dear Sidious's wrinkles, read.

  • 00:11:09 - Start of TLJ Discussion (SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT)
  • 00:11:35 - Diversion about watching movies in 3D
  • 00:12:56 - Where Episode 8 fits in our personal rankings of the movies
  • 00:15:41 - Humor in Star Wars
  • 00:21:27 - Favorite moment in the movie
  • 00:28:11 - Carrie Fisher and Leia
  • 00:33:21 - Rey’s Parents
  • 00:37:08 - Thoughts on Rian Johnson directing another trilogy of Star Wars
  • 00:41:24 - Story Structure compared to Original Trilogy
  • 00:48:28 - Character Relationships
  • 00:52:45 - Phasma discussion
  • 00:55:06 - PORGS!
  • 00:59:13 - Luke discussion
  • 01:04:44 - That scene. You know which one.
  • 01:07:35 - The OTP
  • 01:11:43 - Finn’s Direction moving forward
  • 01:16:47 - Random Game of Thrones Season 7 spoiler
  • 01:17:18 - Closing Remarks
  • 01:21:51 - Outtakes

If you're not familiar with PlagCast, you can find Episode I: The Phantom Podcast HERE, as well as the news post and time stamps here. Furthermore, follow the directions given in the podcast and feel free to provide some love, feedback, comments etc. for the podcast - heck, if you want to be a guest e-mail [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

I'll end by saying, though this may be PlagCast, I hope anyone who so desires to listen enjoys. I know that it's our hope in the future to feature guests from all across the Brotherhood, from other Clans or (if we're lucky) the Dark Council itself.

Enjoy the wonderful Podcast, folks, and thanks to all the participants and listeners. Until next time (possibly next month)!

I can't wait to dig into this!!

"Ohmigawd, guys, great job on the podcast! I especially liked it when you talked about (SPOILER)(SPOILER)(SPOILER)(SPOILERDAMNYOU)"

In all seriousness, I'm happy to continue to be a part of this experience - and I'm doing it with a better microphone, too. Thanks for being our first guest, Furios!

Laren, you better be back next episode, ya punk.

Just got done listening, another great episode, my body is ready for the Revenge of the Podcast/Plagcast.

Nice, loved it. Can't wait for the next installment.

This. Was. Awesome!!! Thanks guys!

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