Possessions System Beta Interest


Possessions System Beta Interest

As we complete our final checklists on the data and systems themselves, we need to start preparations for the exciting part of all this possessions stuff, which has been the goal all along, to get people to actually possess things (albeit in this case in a more temporary manner). There are many reasons for a closed beta first, versus an open beta, which to me are primarily the infrastructure and people in place to handle the aspects, questions, and ability to take in feedback while also expecting to encounter bugs and wanting to phase in the set of people testing so the more common ones aren't reported 50 times. The goal is, of course, to reach open beta as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in participating in the first beta phase, please sign up at this form here.

We will be giving chosen members an item that gives them access to the stores necessary to buy items and use the system. We are looking to get a wide range of testers across ranks, levels of experience and Clans to properly test the system and prepare for a full launch. This will include feedback on a wide range of elements, use of aspects, equipping and using items, and ensuring the system is flexible enough to fill fictional needs of members. I am hoping to get active members who are ready and willing to provide constructive feedback and spend time buying and selling and working the system. None of the items purchased in this phase will be kept and will almost surely see a full reset, so no reason to get attached.

Plan is to get this started in early August, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing this whole thing in action.

In darkness,
Evant Taelyan

First! And I already signed up!


You know you need a I NEED ALL THE STUFF chick in here too, obviously. Signed and will submit scraps of soul upon entry :D


This is awesome. I like awesome. Seriously though, good effort.

Nice can't wait for this!

Good idea. Always had a good time reporting bugs in game Betas. Signed up for this!

I tear MMO's apart in bug testing in beta so this should be fun! Sign me up! Form sent in :p

Awesomeness. Would love to help with the testing, but it is mostly exciting to know that things are moving along at a good clip. My interest form is submitted.

I've signed up so i can, as Sarin would say, "Brimstone" the cellphone out of it

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