Quick ACC-Related Updates


Quick ACC-Related Updates

Hello all!

For those of you that noticed battles were briefly inaccessible earlier. That's resolved.

Second of all, our tournament has received 32 eligible signups. I'll be setting the matches up tomorrow, and emails should go out about them. I had planned to do it today, but I have had to take care of a few things in the realms of real life.

The normal ACC Open Beta will continue to proceed, so even if you didn't make the signup for the tournament, you can still earn double Clusters of Ice and my adoration and love!

FYI? Mav's love is dirt cheap... and comes with crabs =\

I wish someone to create a ladder image so I can build a fake world cup bracket out of this tournament.

So we're having group phases before the knock-out round, Yacks? :p

Wouldn't that mean I'd lose in the second round on penalties after a dubious call?

What's the feasibility of getting a Space venue anytime soon, so Lenzar can relieve his glory days of TIE Fighter in the ACC?

*Relive. Note to self: proof reading - it's important!

If someone writes the description, we could put it up.


"It's space. The thing about space, your basic space colour, is that it's black..."

(10 points to whoever gets that reference ;))

We were going to stick in an asteroid belt one, but then we were curious about how we wanted to deal with people choosing fighters, etc. I figured we'd just let them pick what tehy wanted in "preferred weapons" for now until possessions came on live. You guys good with that?

Definitely! :)

Hey, Andrelious... that sounds like Douglas Adams. Probably one of the Hitchhiker books.

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