A new BTS appears


A new BTS appears

New Battle Team Sargent

As most of you know, Lev has stepped down as BTS. As a result I have been appointed to replace him.

Thank you Lev

Lev, allow me to speak for the entire team when I say, thank you for your service. As one of the founding members of the team, you have helped us through thick and thin, good and bad, dark and light. It is thanks to you, that our team has prospered the way it has, and we look forward to all your future accomplishments. This team cannot thank you enough for you service.

Little bits of information

First off, allow me to thank you in advance for your support. I have a big position to fill, and it will be much more difficult without it. I also feel that you should be aware that I am only 16. Please do not allow this to affect your view of me as a person. Do not be afraid to contact me with any suggestions you may have for me, the team, the clan, or the brotherhood. If you have any relevant questions for me, feel free to contact me. I will do my best to answer them, or send them off to someone who can.


Due to some roster changes, some projects need to be restaffed. I will send out a list of projects in a future email/ google group post. Please let me know if you are interested in working on a project, and what project you would like to work on.


  1. I, Blackhawk, have been appointed new BTS.
  2. Thank you for your service Lev, it has been invaluable.
  3. Please read the information section for yourself.

Great first report, BH!

This looks promissing!

Good first report apprentice

Great 1st report Blackhawk!!! Good luck & may the Force guide you.

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