A New Challenge and a New Challenger: Disciples of Dreypa Battleteam Report June 2014


A New Challenge and a New Challenger: Disciples of Dreypa Battleteam Report June 2014

Hello everyone, by now you should know that the recent leadership changes to Clan Plagueis have been, or are almost, complete. This means that house leadership and battleteam leadership positions have also been changed. Now that I’ve cleared up the Obvious, I’d like to say it is a Privilege to have the opportunity to act as your new battleteam leader and say thank you to our previous battleteam leader, Ophelia, for helping me with the new position.

That being said, Ophelia is not gone from the battleteam, since she remains as its sergeant to help me get used to the new job. So, if any of you are relieved that the loveable cannibalistic cyborg has left us, you breathed a sigh of relief far earlier than you should have. I’d like to personally thank her for keeping me updated with my report, since I would have completely forgot had I not looked at my email this morning. So at this point I’m just rambling in my thanks and not focusing enough on some important issues, like the upcoming Plagueis clan feud or the current round of Fading Light. The feud I’ll talk about later, and since no one on the battleteam has made it up to round three, I just wanted to thank you for your efforts and say good effort for those who participated. Finally, lets cheer for Plagueis’ five final contenders Selika, Kz'set, Tra’an, Aabs, and Teylas. Now, let’s get ourselves busy. There are awards, medals, and promotions to be won and not enough time in the day to do it all.

Upcoming Feud and Monthly Perspective

Now the pleasantries are out of the way, I have to say to everyone on the team needs to prepare. The next big event is the clan feud between House Karness Muur and House Ajunta Pall. It goes without saying that this is big, since the entire clan will be involved and whoever proves themselves will be held up on a pedestal and weighted down with awards, but we will just say its big. Since Fading Light is over for most of us (if you weren’t sure yet), our priorities can be refocused to readying ourselves for our next challenge. Now the feud is scheduled to begin at some point over the next two days, but it never hurts to do some practice and review, so if you can find someone to practice with you in the ACC, I’d recommend it. The feud begins today, so keep an eye on what you sign up for, since you can lose points in the competition by signing up and not participateing.


Everyone please welcome Calvo, our newest member.

Awards and Accomplishments

JH Qormus Aquila – 12 Clusters of Fire

Myself – 1 Cluster of Ice

OT Ophelia Delacroix – 1 Steel Cross, 1 Cluster of Ice

ACO Calvo – Promotions throughout the month to the rank of Acolyte, Dark Brotherhood Basics, Lightsaber Studies, Essentials 1: History, Essentials 2: Departments, Essentials 3: Paths & Orders, DJBWiki: An Introduction, ACC Fundamentals, Test of Lore

JH Ra’gnar – Gaming 201: Pazaak, Gaming 103: Submitting Gaming Activities, Gaming 101: Setting up & Finding Matches

These were the awards and promotions that I’ve seen from you guys so far this month. I’m not going to badger you to do more, since this is a voluntary place. I am, however, going to encourage you to do more and to reach out to the people here if you struggle. We’ll help you with whatever it is that’s bugging you, but you have to say something if you need help.


While the list looks short for accomplishments, I have a lot of faith in you guys and the clan. If your busy in real life and can’t do anything at the moment, no problem, but if you have the time and you want to challenge yourself, we’re here. That’s the thing with this report, its talking about new beginnings and challenges we’ll be facing over the next few weeks, so let’s give them hell!

Finally, I’m planning on making regular emails with each of you while I’m battleteam leader. This should happen every two weeks where we can just talk about any problems you might have or I can help you along to promotion. You can ask me any questions normaly in a one on one email or in the battleteam group chat, but this will make me initiate the conversation.

Have a good one.

Good job

Great job, marduss. you'll fill Opie's boots well as she was a great leader also :)

Great Job Marduss. i will be joining the battle field soon

Great report!

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