A New Consul Rises in Plagueis


A New Consul Rises in Plagueis

Greetings all,

I am pleased to announced that the Deputy Grand Master and I have made a selection for the next consul of Clan Plagueis: Ronovi Tavisaen. Ronovi has served Plagueis in many positions through the years, most recently as Proconsul. Evant and I are confident she is ready to lead Plagueis into the future and are excited to elevate to Consul as we move towards the Great Jedi War.

We also would like to thank Arden Karn for his service over the last year and look forward to working with him in other capacities in the future!

Ronovi will be shortly opening Plagueis Proconsul Applications. The position will be open for only a little over a week due to timing, so please stay tuned for her announcement if you are interested in the opportunity! Proconsul is a great chance for both veteran and newer members to gain valuable leadership experience and to help develop a Clan and lead at the highest level, so I strongly recommend it for members that are looking to make a difference in the Brotherhood.

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master

Thank you for the opportunity to lead Plagueis!

Enjoy the office. All the windows are still intact =)

Congrats Ronovi!


Congratulations Ronnie! And a huge thank you to Arden for his leadership over the last year!

Congrats, Ronovi! Hope you do not find the job too rough. ^^

Congrats, Ronnie!

Congrats Ronnie and thanks a whole bunch Arden!

Wyvren on Roni

#Ron4Con worked well for you

Thanks Arden for your service.

#MPGA Make Plagueis Great Again


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