A New Empress in Town: Consul Address


A New Empress in Town: Consul Address

Consul Address

Well, where do I begin? For sure, I want to thank Eli for his time of service as Consul of CSP. It’s been a privilege to watch you grow and develop as a leader and a person. I hope that you will accomplish whatever endeavors you pursue in the future. Thank you for all you’ve done, and for encouraging me to grow and move up in my own leadership career.

Secondly, I want to say that I am definitely grateful for this opportunity to lead a clan I dearly cherish. Scholae Palatinae has made a huge impact in my life ever since I joined the DJB over nine years ago. You had all welcomed a shy middle schooler with open arms and made that same timid individual to break out of her shell and feel at home. Never would I have thought I’d be where I am now, and it’s thanks to many of you who have encouraged me to try new things and grow. Special thanks go to my master, Rayne. Ever since I became your apprentice, you were always reaching out to help me on my journey to knighthood. All I ever wanted to do back then was to make you proud, and I will continue to strive to do so.

Lastly, I want to thank Imperium for having me as their Quaestor. I enjoyed my time with you, and I thank you also for being an amazing group of scoundrels. I hope to eventually select a new QUA that will strive to make the House grow and continue to maintain the spirit of family. Thank you, Imperium, for giving me a good run.

What is in store

There is a lot that I wish to accomplish as CON. Most importantly, I want to help CSP become more active as well as focus on what members would like to see in events and activities. Mune and I plan to tackle this together, and I also plan to have the House summits involved in this process as well. CSP had the lowest turnout in the recent GJW in comparison to other GJWs I’ve taken part in. Activity for Clan events have staggered a bit as well, and we’ve also been facing a decline in members. Jorm and I have already discussed some ideas regarding clan/house events as well as activities, that I’d like to implement in due time. Surveys will also be sent out to learn more about what your interests are as well as to give us input regarding what you’d like to see happen in the clan activity-wise.

On that note, I also plan to run more clan run-ons. The last one hosted by Eli had a good turnout and allowed members to compete against each other in the comp associated with it. Friendly rivalries and friendly team rivalries have proven in the past to encourage participation, and so I’d like to see those kinds of activities return. This also included House v. House events that I will discuss with House leaders as soon as we have a QUA for Imperium

Another item on the agenda is to of course find and select a new Rollmaster and Quaestor for Imperium. Starting right now, Mune and I will be accepting applications for those positions. The deadline for apps will be October 10th. Below are listed expectations for both positions:


  • To help welcome and maintain new/old members. This includes helping new members become more oriented with the Brotherhood and clan as well as answering questions and encouraging participation to new people.

  • To help in the pairing of students with masters

  • Promote activities and events within the clan

  • To assist in fictional development

  • To help contribute to and maintain Clan wiki page(s). This includes providing interested members opportunities to also help with wiki

  • To help leaders keep track of member activity and suggest notable members ready for a reward or promotion

  • To uphold clan values and beliefs

Quaestor for Imperium

  • To guide and lead the House to the best of their abilities by encouraging participation in activities and events

  • To maintain clan values and beliefs

  • To contribute to the growth of the House fictionally

  • To help train interested members in leadership and providing projects for them to get involved with

  • To settle conflicts professionally as well as notify clan Summit when necessary

  • To answer questions and assist members in any way possible.

  • To remember to make sure everyone has a good time and while maintaining a respectful environment

Note: I know RM was recently centered on wiki work, but I would like to see the RM have more involvement. Especially with new members as well as contributing to clan growth. A machine works efficiently when all the parts are working together, but it loses such efficiency when a part no longer works. A team is the same way, therefore a fully involved summit is what I hope to achieve.

All applications are to be emailed to both the Proconsul and myself. I would like to see past experiences listed as well as what it is you have planned were you to fill in that position. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Mune and me. We will be happy to answer them.

Moving on to the next item on the agenda. Fictionally, CSP has the upper hand now over Meraxis as Jorm has mentioned to me. I don’t want to give spoilers, but Meraxis’ end is at hand and it’s time Scholae Palatinae dealt with them. After this, I hope to have the clan start looking beyond Seraph and Ragnath. There are other worlds in the system that will provide new opportunities for both the clan and the Houses to have events and mini-events that affect CSP’s progression and the fate of the worlds. Don’t want to go too much into detail because...well you know: spoilers.

Closing Thoughts

Clearly there is a lot to get done, but I am more than ready to embark on this challenge of a journey. Am I nervous? Oh definitely. I never thought I’d just jump from being a Quaestor to Consul, but life is always full of surprises. I am ready to face the challenges ahead and to serve CSP to the best of my abilities. With the help of the Summit, I look forward to providing members more opportunities to taking part in the direction of the plots as well as to improving the clan. Those of you who have had me as a leader before may probably be tired of me saying this, but a group is what it’s made of. CSP will only be great if its leaders and members work together to make it so. We are CSP’s identity. We are its pride. Do not ever forget that. Continue to encourage and support each other. Ask your leaders questions. We want to help you in any way possible, and we want to hear your opinions. Your PCON and I are your representatives to the DC and the other Clan leaders, and we want to represent you. Most importantly, we want to work with you and serve you, but we can only do that if you reach out to us with concerns, suggestions, and questions.

I want to thank you all again for your support as well as for being who you are. I hope to meet our expectations if not exceed them, and I hope to help CSP grow into clan it has the potential to be.

Buuuuut before we end things.....

#AskThe Shad

Dek asks:

1) What are the plans for Imperium? From my personal perspective, even under myself, it fell into some form of disarray every time. It now sits at 10 members, which really isn't a lot for a House.

Well, I’ll definitely be discussing this with Imperium’s new QUA once it has one, but I definitely want to provide opportunities for Imperium to further develop its identity as well as provide events specifically focus on Imperium as part of Clan events. Same for Excidium. Jorm and I have and will continue to discuss House involvement and opportunities. I will also be working on recruiting with the help of the new RM so that we can get an increase in House members.

2) We came last in the GJW by a middle-ish margin. What changes are going to be made to improve our standing? What will be done differently that we didn't do in the past?

I’ve addressed some of this earlier, but one thing I plan to do is look at some older trends and see where there were larger participation rates and what they’re associated with. This also is dependant on recruiting new members who can bring more talent and interests to the table. I do feel that we need to focus again on the master and student program. Masters can help encourage their students to participate whereas a new member without a master might be more shy and timid to take part in huge events like these. From personal experience, having a master to push and encourage me for my first GJW helped.

3) What sets you apart from your predecessors?

Other than maybe being a marketing major with some management and leadership classes, I can’t say for sure. A leader continues to grow and develop as they go, and that’s where the differences tend to be seen. I’m not a person who likes to declare why I’m different. I like for my actions and decisions to speak for me. However, personality-wise, I am someone who likes to social network and provides incentives to members as can be seen in my FB star wars group that I run. I am creative in nature, and I love to help people in need. The reason I got into marketing (besides the fact that accounting melted my brain) was because I love studying the behaviors of people and understanding them. That helps me to learn how to help and provide for them as well as to how to reach out to them.

Wally asks:

1) Yes or no?


Rosh asks:

1) Elephant in the room. The previous two CONs of CSP had a lot of experience and had really strong personalities. Do you think you'll get up to par with them?

Hmm. I’ve definitely watched Xen and Eli for leaders, and lord knows that Xen got quite a bit done in six years. For me, if given the chance, I know I can be up there with them. I can reach my potential. I’ve always viewed being a leader as a chance to grow and reach one's potential. I’ve learned even more about this in one of my leadership development classes, which has helped me to analyze my own traits and strengths and weaknesses. I can be a very determined person when it comes to something I have a passion for and care for. CSP is my family, and all I’ve ever wanted is to see this clan also reach its potential and for people to have a good time. The skills and experiences I’ve gained from RL and within the club have helped me to build up to this, and I will hold on to what I’ve learned to help me do what needs to be done.

Reiden asks:

1) Can it be official Imperial law that Xantros isn't allowed to have an ISD?

Well...only if Xantros has committed an offense with one.

2)Can I have a fancy ship, please? It doesn't have to be an ISD, it can be cheaper ^_^

I’ll pass this on to jolly ol’ St. Sidious.

3) What plans do you have for the future and the clan's development?

Other than what I’ve already mentioned...SPOILERS!

Idris asks:

1) Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

Hmm....100 duck-sized horses. Have you any idea how evil ducks can be??? Horses are just basically giant dogs haha.

Rasilvenaira asks:

1) Can we make the Gizka the new clan animal?

Only if we can use them to sabotage the enemy, then they’ll have earned that honor.

Calindra asks:

1) Are you planning any big shakeups?

Only currently the change to RM roll, but I will be assessing House leadership for a bit.

2) Will the current leadership need to propose plans for their houses? or will they simply stay on?

I definitely want to discuss things with the House leaders as mentioned to see where they are, and I would like to have some plans from them that will also help me to know how we can get the Houses more involved as well as how to help them grow.

3) Do you like the direction the houses have been going this past year?

Well, I’d like to see them progressing more along their own individual storylines, but it also helps when the clan storyline provides content the Houses can use to branch from. Would like to have more of that happen

4) As someone who has been in both imperium and Excidium, what do you think each house needs to do better? what is each house better at and should keep doing?

Their current roles are what they’re each better at as we see characters of certain talents, personalities, and roles going more to the House that supports that. For example, roguish and sneaky characters fit in with Excidium’s culture. What could be done better? It depends on the leaders. What I’ve learned is what happens from the top affects the bottom. Definitely more activities for both would be good.

I apologize for how long this report has turned out. Thank you for reading, and thank you once again for this opportunity to serve.

Yours truly in darkness,

Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter

Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae

awesome report! thanks for answering all the questions..! Looking forward to seeing CSP grow under your leadership!

Nice report!

Beautiful first report as CON. Informative and long enough for a first impression of you. I'll say it again (and again), you make me very proud, you make all of CSP proud, and you should be proud of yourself for how hard you worked to get here. Bring glory to the Empire!

And if you ever need a Hand, let me know. :)

So proud of you, my glorious sister <3 You will do CSP proud. I know it.

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