A New Tyranus Aedile and Another Application Process?!


A New Tyranus Aedile and Another Application Process?!

Hi, everyone,

I am pleased to announce that, following applications for Tyranus Aedile, that we have chosen a replacement for Marcus/Julius.

Please congratulate Khryso Mallus on becoming our latest summit leader!

Khryso has been around in Plagueis for a while, but this is his first foray into leadership. He has done tremendous work for the clan, and it will be a delight to have him on the summit. Don't worry - we don't bite. Much.

However, we are not done yet looking for leaders, so if you applied for AED, you still have a chance to - in a shocking turn of events - apply for Tyranus Quaestor.

This is due to the unfortunate announcement that Shimura Keibatsu will be stepping down as Quaestor due to real life obligations. We had hoped to have Shim on the summit for much longer, as he has incredible ideas for the clan. However, we wish him the best and hope he can return to leadership in due time. Shimura, you are always a Plagueian now. Thank you.

So! Requirements for apps for Tyranus Quaestor:

  • Your prior experience in leadership and DB project work
  • A 30-60-90 day plan for Tyranus and how you will bolster its membership, structure, and lore
  • How you intend to work with Khryso as your Aedile.

Please email your applications to Ronovi at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and Liandry at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] by Friday, December 11th!

Thank you, everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for Plagueis and all of its members.



Apply peeps. It'll be fun and rewarding!

congrats Khryso

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