A SASsy report


A SASsy report


Welcome one and all! It's been a bit since my last report, but I can assure you we have not been totally idle. There are a few things to go over here, so lets get a move on!

Shadow Academy Society changes

This is the big one, for me at least. Before I go into detail though I want to give props to Solari and his staff from several years ago. This also covers all the members who worked on the original Shadow Academy Society. It has given us the foundation to build this new one off of and if I am not mistaken, it also gave the basis our other societies are built from. I would also like to say that the Society itself will remain grounded in its educational roots. You will still climb the ranks via SA exams, and fictionally we will still be a repository of information for the Brotherhood at large.

However, from this point forward we will have an addition to our fictional direction. The Society, which has been teased at being called the Imperial Reclamation Society at times, will be searching the Galaxy at large for artifacts of power. These include holo (data) crons, ancient texts, and possible fonts of power. These can also include ordinary treasures, hordes of credits undiscovered, caches of weapons, and the list goes on. Basically anything that can further the Brotherhoods hold and areas of power within the Galaxy.

We will be headquartered in the main Archives on Arx, with the Platform Nesolat being the main SA training grounds. Think of our Archives like the Library of Alexandria. Holding tomes of unknown age, hyperspace map routes long thought extinct, recordings of prophecies, ect. The Nesolat is where members will go to learn from instructors, train, and teach. The members of the Society are granted higher access and more trust based on their ranks. A simple graduate may be working as a scribe in the Archives performing research for our higher ranks. A Pioneer may be granted maps into the Unknown Regions and blaze a trail for us. Our Doctors, think PhD, are the pinnacle of knowledge within the Brotherhood, besides our Archivist. They are given the highest level of trust, and sent off to reclaim objects of power that only a select few have even heard whispers of. One of the best descriptors I can think of is of Doctor Aphra.

These above are our fictional changes, and with those we do have a few changes to our rank names. This is to steer the society towards the fictional role as explorers, treasure hunters, and less on straight academia. The initial ranks (SA:I to SA:V) will remain the same.

  • SA:VI will change from Super Senior to Graduate to signify the students have a basic understanding of the Academy both IC and OOC.

  • SA:VII will change from Graduate to Scribe (this is in part due to a member having access to Holocrons).

  • SA:VIII: Courier - At this stage they are stepping away from the libraries and assisting our higher ranks with transporting items.

  • SA:IX: Surveyor - The member has advanced to finding systems, stars, planets, and other areas where items of interest are located and reporting them back to out next rank.

  • SA: X: Pioneer - These members are those who are use the information from the surveyors to begin working with other Societies to help spread Brotherhood interest in new areas.

  • SA: XI: Lodestar - These members are those who serve as the inspiration to the rest of the Brotherhood’s academia. These have done most everything, but have yet to refine their skills for the highest of honors.

  • SA: XII: Doctor - This is the pinnacle of knowledge in Brotherhood. Given the highest levels of trust, and sent off on reclaiming objects of such great power that few even know about. These are the members who have done everything and have refined their skills and knowledge. They are given the highest access to the libraries that a member can be given. They are still restricted from accessing the vaults secured by the Dark Council.

I want to thank my former Magistrates (Bentre and Kelly), current Magistrates (Ciara and Kadrol), and the one person indispensable to me as HM, Marcus. Without their advice and ideas, it would have taken me much longer to do this.

A SASsy Event

To give the rollout a bit of pomp and circumstance we have decided to kick it off with a few competitions. With the exception of the Run-on, all comps are quick and easy, but are meant to challenge your mental skills. The overall event will run for 2 weeks, with a few more competitions added for next week starting at site reset on the 21st. You can find the container comp here

Shadow Academy Audit

For awhile I had thought this would be a permanent part of my reports. However, due to the astounding work from both Kadrol and Ciara we have whittled down our audits to only 4 remaining courses. This has totalled almost 60 total courses between the two, with audits ranging from simple changes like spelling and wording, to entire portions having to be researched and changed. It can be boring and mindless work, but the pair of them have toughed it out.

New Courses

We are looking to add several new courses in through the year. I have had an interest in doing a Biologics course that could include various flora and fauna within the SW universe. I have also been talking with another member about working on a Force Religions course that would include things like the Sith, Jedi, Church of the Force, Guardians of the Whills, etc. Lastly, I have an idea for a Force Oddities course. This would cover topics like bending a Kyber Crystal, Sith Alchemy, World between worlds, Force ghosts and so on. As always I am up for new course ideas from the membership with the following criteria: The course can only include content that is Canon. Anything that comes from Legends cannot, and absolutely will not be accepted. Include how it would be beneficial to the DJB as a whole. How does it fit into our current lore in the DJB?

That about sums everything up from the Office of the Headmaster. If anyone has questions don't hesitate to poke me in TG or via email. As always though the Shadow Academy is an amazing resource, created and administered by some imperfect human beings who strive for perfection. We try our best to catch and fix any and all errors before we release courses, but we're not always successful. Because of that, we will always need your help. If you spot an error, please report it to the SA Staff using this simple form; if it's a major enough error, or you spot enough, you'll be rewarded. With cookies. And an SA team thankful for pointing it out.

Learn. Master. Arise

DS, Headmaster

Love the society shift. Very cool.

Great ideas for the shift in the SAS/IRS. Good job, DS.

more. input. more. input. more. data. more. data.

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